How To Style A Midi Bodycon Dress

February 28, 2018

The last time I wore a midi-length bodycon dress, that I can remember, was when I did the ‘one month one dress‘ challenge. And that was when I first started blogging!

Bodycon dresses aren’t something I love, in fact after the one month one dress I vowed to never buy another one. But when I saw this red & pink midi bodycon dress I knew I would have to get it, I love the mixture of colours, the block stripe and the casual style.

There was just one problem. I had no idea how to style it! Like, I had a bout of serious fashion block. I must have tried it on hundreds of times (ok slight exaggeration), taken it off and put it back in my wardrobe feeling a little disheartened. But enough was enough, this midi bodycon dress was not going to beat me! Plus I’d already taken the tag off so I HAD to figure out how to style it.

Firstly I did what anyone would do, I googled ‘how to style a midi dress’, and all that came back were Kardashian style outfits. Not that I’m against a dress and trainers with a jumper, but I wanted more. So I decided to throw some options at it until I found something that stuck.

Now I don’t know about you guys, but I cannot picture a fully formed outfit unless I have my hair and my make up done. I just can’t. No matter how cute the outfit, it just doesn’t work in my head. The only issue with this is you have to be very careful when trying stuff on! So to get back to the dress dilemma. First off I tried it on alone with a pair of silver boots and giant hoops, but it just didn’t look right. I also tried; a waist belt, trainers and a cropped jumper, an oversized blue jumper and pink heels, a striped t-shirt and flats, a beret with loafers and a neck scarf. Nothing worked.

Who knew a little midi bodycon dress could cause so much stress?

Then I had an epiphany, why not take the parts I loved from everything I tried and then just throw more clothes at it? Luckily for me, it seemed to work out! I love layering and I honestly don’t know why I didn’t try a pair of jeans first. Paired with a denim shirt and some cowboy boots I had a pretty classic look, but with the dress on top? It just creates a whole different dynamic. I added the belt because all those layers were starting to look a little lumpy in the middle and frump was not the look I was going for. Finished off with my favourite hat and I was good to go!

I never thought I’d struggle so much to style something so simple, but it just goes to show you can never be sure about how you’ll feel about something until you try and wear it. So my lesson is learned, I’ll never remove a tag without trying it on again!

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