For the love of Varsity

May 15, 2016


When Summer arrives it’s time to bust out the lightweight jackets, but what do you do when denim just doesn’t cut it anymore?

Don’t get me wrong, I adore a denim jacket, but sometimes something a little more substantial is needed. All Hail the Varsity jacket.

varsity5 varsity1

Preppy is a look I’m fully embracing and whilst I’ve not managed to steal my boyfriend’s (husband’s) amazing Mishka varsity quite yet I am planning on expanding my varsity collection, maybe a vintage letterman next? We all love American teen movies, and I’ve never gone for the all American high school look before but I’m loving the preppy style at the moment, from neck scarves to strappy heeled sandals I’m embracing it all. Fashion is having a bomber jacket resurgence and whilst a pink satin bomber is the top of my current wishlist – I am planning on channelling my inner Frenchie a lot this summer – a thick varsity is something I’ve been after for a while. I picked this baby up in Beyond Retro in Brighton, they had a huge array of letterman jackets, varsity jackets and track jackets but I fell in love with this little navy number. Not only is it the perfect colour, it fits amazingly and the hood unzips to reveal an embroidered ‘Broncos’ logo. Now I just need to borrow Rich’s signet ring by Digby & Iona and I’m all set.

Will you be rocking a varsity jacket this year?

varsity3 varsity4

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