Clashing patterns, so wrong it’s right!

February 14, 2016



Stripes and checks, a match made in heaven or a fashion disaster?

Clashing patterns is never going to be a fashion faux pas, not in my eyes anyway, and they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Stripes and checks by themselves are two of the easiest patterns to style, both classic and timeless and putting them both together creates the perfect juxtaposition.

Clashing patternsClashing patternsOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Fashion is meant to be explored, to be played with. It’s not all about trends or cookie cut fashion (when everyone looks the same…GOD FORBID!), it’s about finding your style, or your fashion voice if you will. Clash everything! Colour, fabric, texture, it’s not just about clashing patterns, experiment and have fun!

It’s easy to be bogged down in the latest must-have, or falling into the trap of buying for Instagram (we’ve all done it now don’t fib), so it’s important to stay true to yourself and explore your style. Even if this is just buying out of your comfort zone by going for a colour you think you can’t wear, or shopping vintage for a change, it’s easy to shake things up, and if you feel in a proper fashion rut then just throw together an outfit you would never usually wear and OWN IT. Or get one of your best girls to go on a window shopping spree with you and try on all the outfits she suggests, trust me you will be surprised with what you fall in love with.


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  • Reply sarah February 14, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    love clashing patterns! this combo is perfect! x

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