Casual Layering for Spring


With Spring doing what it does best in the UK, it’s time to up your layering game.

Today it snowed in the morning, was sunny as hell in the afternoon, then rained a little before becoming humid & muggy. Welcome to the British Summer.

Spring is the hardest time of year to dress for, because you never know if its going to be a four seasons in one kind of day. The best way I’ve found to combat our insane weather is by layering. I found this super cute dress in Forever21 and it’s been my go to whenever it gets a little sunny but not necessarily that warm although I do love that it’s like wearing two dresses at the same time, oh built in layering how I love thee. Pop a shirt on under your dress and it instantly give’s it a little pick up, not only can you go crazy contrasting colours it also provides a much needed extra layer of warmth, but if you do feel the cold badly but don’t want to leave the house dressed for a blizzard in spring how about a little cami under your shirt? No one will ever know you have it on! I can’t believe I just suggested a cami…how old am I? (Don’t answer that!), at least my mother would be proud of me for suggesting it…just don’t tell her I did or I’ll never hear the end of  the “I told you so’s & see you’ll always listen to me eventually”.
Layering lengths is always a good idea in spring, a long trench is one of those wardrobe must haves that I just can’t live without, it keeps the wind off your legs, it’s shower proof & it’s lightweight enough that if you need to you can fold it onto a little square and pop it in your bag.

So what am I saying here? Basically Spring is about dressing for two seasons in one, it could be summer in the morning and winter in the afternoon or vice versa so dress to be prepared!

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Shop this look;

Coat – Shein

Dress – Forever 21

Bag – Nica

Boots – Dr Martens

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  1. katie April 26, 2016 / 11:30 pm

    ooh I love this! I bloody hate the weather and I always hear my mums voice in the back of my head about a jacket. So annoying! I’ve been looking for a nice trench coat, I agree they’re a must but they are also too long for me. Hopefully I’ll see something soon!

    Katie x x

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