7 reasons to shop indie

July 16, 2017

There are so many reasons to shop indie, there’s even a whole day that’s dedicated to it in the UK!

Shopping from indie stores has a multitude of benefits, and I want to go through some of my reasons for shopping local over the high street. And there is no reason to stop at fashion! There are plenty of amazing local coffee shops, florists, nail salons, delis, the list is endless. So ditch the high street and starbucks for one shopping spree and I promise you’ll never look back.

When shopping locally there are a few things you should remember, I wrote this handy shop indie guide last Christmas, but all the points apply year round!

Reasons to Shop Indie

Original Designs

Time and time again the high street is accused of ripping off an indie designer. The best way we can help solve the problem is buying the item directly from the indie designer! Not only will you be getting an original design, you’ll be helping that person to create more and build their brand.

Limited Edition

Nothing feels better than getting something that’s limited edition, and that’s basically what you get when you shop locally. They don’t make thousands and thousands of items, so the chance of you turning up at a party wearing the same thing as someone else is slim. And if it does happen then you know you’ve just met someone with the same amazing taste as you!

The Human Factor

A lot of small business’ give back to the community, wether it’s buying local produce or donating to charity on a regular basis. Indie businesses aren’t run by a huge team of people in some far away city. They are usually run by a handful of people and more often than not it’s just the owner doing everything. From design to production to posting, it’s all one person. So buying indie you are really helping someone build their vision into a business, and that’s a pretty good reason if you ask me!

Try Something New

Wether it’s trying a new kind of coffee at your local cafe, or trying a pair of earrings that you never thought you’d wear, shopping locally helps you push your own boundaries, no matter how small they are.

Get a Lot for Less

When buying designer dress, chances are it was made in a factory far far removed from the actual design process. Buying locally means your item was probably made in house, by someone who put love and care into every stitch. Sure that dress/top/ring might cost £150, but for something thats handmade and essentially limited edition, it’s a hell of a bargain.

Help Design Products

Following small brands on social media means that you get a behind the scenes peek into what goes on with the brand. More often than not they’ll ask their followers for design input when creating a new product. From colour options to patterns you’ll be able to have your say way more than you would on a high street brand.

Get Inspired

I love nothing better than finding new indie designers and sharing them with you guys, and you know what indie designers do? Inspire other people to open stores, start designing and start creating!  I love shopping indie as I always feel I get something unusual, something inspiring, and certainly more interesting than something I could find on the high street.


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Earrings – LOM // Rings – BMM & Tessa Metcalf // Bracelets – Annie Haak //Sunglasses – Fendi// Bag – Marc B // Jacket – ASOS // Watch – Christian Paul // Jacket – ASOS // Trousers – Jcrew // Top – Topshop // Boots – ASOS

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  • Reply Kathryn July 17, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Love those tassel earrings! It’s so great being able to find unique items when you shop locally.
    -Kathryn xx

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