winter wonders – protect your hair from damage this winter

The cold weather doesn’t just affect our skin. Freezing temperatures, having the hair dryer at the hottest heat, over styling for Christmas parties, these can all take their toll on your hair.


My top hair products are all cruelty free, nourishing and perfect for coloured hair.

1. Honey I washed my hair, this Lush shampoo bar is softening and really helps smooth out your hair, lather rinse repeat for some squeaky clean locks.

2. Who said beard oil was just for beards? Or boys?! This bubblegum scented dream from Hard Grind will help beat the winter blues with it’s candy scented goodness, rub 2-5 drops into your palms and work through the ends of your hair for a moisturising boost. I find it works best on curled hair to add shine and smooth out frizzy ends.

3. Paul Mitchell colour repair treatment is great for protecting against excessive heat, it also adds shine to lacklustre hair, the only downfall is I don’t like the smell! But it works so well I use it every time I was my hair.

4. I always find conditioner difficult, it’s either too heavy for my hair or it’s not moisturising enough. The colour repair conditioner from Paul Mitchell is the perfect balance. Again I’m not a fan of the smell but it leaves my hair feeling nourished so I’ll deal with it!

5. So if you end up buying anything from this winter saviour list let it be this! R & B is the holy grail of moisturising hair products. Designed for dry Curly hair it’s intensive to say the least. Rub a pea size (and I mean pea size or you will look like a greased up version of Danny from Greese) amount into your hands and work through the ends of your hair towards the middle, avoid the roots at all costs unless your hair is so dry your scared it’ll break off. Use this as often as you like between washes, I usually pop on a day or two after I’ve washed my hair for a pick me up. Smells lovely too.

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