The ultimate Post Workout pamper session

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Today will see thousands of people descend on Glasgow’s city centre to take part in Cancer research’s race for life.

ScottishPower has raised over £9 million for Cancer Research UK so far and are well on their way to reaching £10 million, to show your support for these amazing women, men & dogs (yup dogs run the race too people, in tutu’s to boot!), tweet a photo of you at the race or giving someone a highfive using #high5for10 and lets create as much positive energy as we can. Remember you don’t actually have to be at the race to show your support and tweet a #high5for10 selfie!

I’ve teamed up with ScottishPower & Race for Life to share my ultimate pamper session post workout to ease those tired muscles and get your body and mind in a calm & relaxing place.

Because let’s face it…running is tough!

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Your muscles have had a hell of a day, so the most important thing to do is care for them appropriately, no one want’s to wake up after a run and feel like they can’t walk properly (we all know that feeling too well!) so the top priority is to calm those aching muscles as well as calming the mind. There is nothing worse than an exhausted body but an over active mind, so run yourself a bath and relax with these post workout miracles.


Sore dry skin can put a dampener on any mood, no matter how relaxed you feel. Cracked feet, dry face, tender skin, these will all happen from being out in the elements and in Scotland that can mean rain, sun & snow all in the same few hours! The only way to combat this? Give your skin the pamper session it deserves.

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