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The easy way to moisturised, glowing holiday skin

September 24, 2015

Most of us end up neglecting our skin when we are travelling, too much sun, sangria and all nighters can take their toll. Travelling with your entire skin care regime is impracticle, but selecting all round amazing products will keep you fresh faced, moisturised, glowing with not a dry patch in sight. Find my favourite products for glowing holiday skin below.

glowing holiday skin
Lets start with the body as it’s probably more neglected than your face when your enjoying baking in the heat. Trust me when I say that aftersun is not going to help you.
Choose a nourishing body wash, this geranium and peppermint wash from Greenfrog Botanic is basically like washing in a cooling nourishing cloud of loveliness, oh and it smells fantastic too! Need more of a scrub? Look no further than the Rub Rub Rub bar from Lush, use this baby on damp skin directly in the shower for a really deep exfoliating cleanse.
When it comes to moisturising you can’t go wrong with dream cream, this moisturiser is so good at calming skin it’s unreal, perfect for soothing your sun drenched (but not burnt) skin. If you are not into lotions I would recommend the silky underwear dusting powder, it’s full of coco butter so will leave you moisturised without any hint of stickiness and it smells like you’ve been walking through an oriental garden, floral but not overpowering.
glowing holiday skin

Now onto your face, cleansing off suntan lotion should be top priority when you are out of the sun, use 9 to 5 for a quick freshen up, I like to rub into my face and take off with a muslin cloth and then rinse, your skin will feel refreshed after and not tight. Follow with eau roma water to calm and soothe skin, I use this product all the time, keep in the fridge and then take to the pool with you for a refreshing mist, it’s also perfect for calming skin on a long flight. Don’t forget to moisturise! Skin Drink is the holy grail of moisturisers and will leave all skin feeling soft and nourished, but remember that a tiny amount goes a long long way, you don’t want a greasy face! If you need to take your make up off step away from the wipes! Ultra bland is a super gentle cleanser and will take off all make up like it was never there in the first place, massage into the skin and then take off with a warm damp face cloth, rinse your face and follow with the toner and moisturiser. I promise you will achieve glowing holiday skin after these small changes to your routine.

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