Summer Skin Care – The Best Cruelty Free Products for Sensitive Skin

June 18, 2017

Summer Skin Care

Summer can bring a multitude of skincare issues.

Air conditioning can dry out skin, prolonged exposure to the sun leaves skin sensitive and in need of nourishment. We always remember to take care of our faces in the summer but is a little bit of moisturiser on your legs really enough to get you through the summer months?

I’ve picked out my favourite summer skin care products, from multi-taskers to the cure all for dehydrated skin. I have really sensitive skin and all of these products are really nourishing and gave me no reactions, but all skin types are different so make sure you are checking ingredients to see if they are going to suit your skin type. As always all the products are from Cruelty Free companies.

MOA Hello Sunshine Body Oil

This is one of my all time favourite products. I have gone through two bottles in a few months! I use this every morning when I get out the shower on damp skin. The oil soaks in and when you dry off, your skin is moisturised and smells incredible. It also keeps your skin moisturised all day long.

 Coffee Body Scrub

Nothing beats a good rub down and this coffee scrub from Scottish Vegan Brand You Dirty Scrub is the most nourishing exfoliator I have ever used. Not only does it smell divine, orange and cocoa is a fantastic combination, it also leaves your skin silky smooth, which is the goal from our summer skin care routine right?

Lucky Cloud Body Butter

This coco butter smells like a dream, I love using it at night as it smells like rose and lavender. It’s best used after a shower or bath just before bed, it will send you off to sleep in no time.

VOYA Mist Spray

I love a face spritz when I am on holiday and this palmarosa & vanilla spray is too good just to use on your face. Perfect for a refreshing spray whilst by the pool to add some moisture back into your skin. Just remember it’s not a sunscreen so you’ll still need to cover up.

Lush Dream Cream

This is the holy grail of skincare. Perfect for those times when your skin needs a little more TLC. It will sooth sunburn and insect bites, it will even calm skin aggravated by allergies. If you take one moisturiser on holiday, make sure it’s this one.

Lush Ocean Salt

Sometimes we need a really aggressive scrub to take off all that excess suntan lotion, chlorine and sand. The sea salt makes this scrub intense but the avocado butter stops it from being harsh on the skin. Great for a deep clean after a festival or a weekend at the beach.

This Works Perfect Legs

If you are strapped for time, or space, this all round product should definitely go into your bag! A body oil, SPF and tan all in one for your Summer Skin Care. It only gives off a golden glow so it’s suitable for all of you pale gals out there. The SPF is 30 but I would always pop an extra layer of spray sunscreen over the top of a multi use product. Better safe than sorry!

Happy Holidays and remember to stay safe in the sun.

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