My top tips for perfectly cleansed skin

April 12, 2017

Step by Step guide to perfectly cleansed skin

I do not take skin care lightly, and neither should you! Properly Cleansing your face may seem difficult with so many products on the market, so I’m sharing my tried and tested routine for sensitive skin.

“According to researchers at the University of California-Irvine, new skin cells grow faster while you sleep, so a good evening facial routine and properly cleansed skin should be a high priority. At night, the goal is to repair damage from the day’s pollution, sun and stress”

Making sure you take your make up off properly at night may seem like a lot of effort but you will get used to the routine and your skin will thank you for it. This may seem like it takes much more time than just using a face wipe and it’s definitely more in depth, but the benefits are much greater!

Here is my step my step guide to makeup removal for perfectly cleansed skin!

What you’ll Need!

Step by Step guide;


Step 1 – Remove make up

I use the MOA Green Balm first, this is a really rich cream and can be used for everything from insect bites to help calm skin post wax but it is also the perfect make up remover!

Take a pea sized amount and smooth all over your face, rub it into your make up. Dampen a facecloth and use it to remove the balm & then rinse off any residue. This will take off 98% of your make up so I alway follow with the Magnitone wipeout cloth on damp skin. It can be used to take up all of your make up but I prefer to use it as a second step, you’d be surprised at what comes off after you’ve already cleansed!

Step 2 – Deep Cleanse

I use a gentle cleanser like the three in one milk from Apivita with the Magnitone Barefaced Brush.

Smooth the cleanser over your face avoiding the eye area. Then wet your Magnitone Brush and gently buff the cleanser into your skin brushing in upwards circular motions, the brush will beep when one area is done so you know to move onto the next and it automatically turns itself off so you won’t be able to go over board. Afterwards rinse off the rest of the cleanser and leave your skin damp.

cruelty free cleansers

Step 3 – Nourish

Gone are the days of Cleanse, Tone, Moisturise being the holy grail of skincare! Before I moisturise I always use a serum or a nourishing oil, when the seasons change I always find my skin needs a little extra care so I’ve recently been using the Rosehip Bio Regenrate Oil from Pai. Cleansed skin absorbs the products much better.

Put 2-3 drops of oil directly onto damp skin, massage into your face and décolletage until fully absorbed. Leave to settle before applying moisturiser, I usually leave it around 5 minutes.

cruelty free rosehip oil

Step 4 – Moisturise

For the last step in my night time routine I use the rosehip and camellia day cream from White Rabbit Skincare, now I know what you are thinking…*but surely a day cream can’t be used at night?!*, well there really are no rules as long as the cream doesn’t include an spf or tint.

Use a pea size amount and smooth it into your face and décolletage in upwards circular motions.

cruelty free moisturiser

And that’s it! By now your skin should be feeling beautifully smooth and hydrated. I’ve been using a variation of this method for years and it’s worked so far!

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