My Top Beauty Youtubers To Follow

May 31, 2018

Since I’ve started my youtube channel I’ve become a little obsessed with the platform! I thought it would be fun to do a little series and share my favourite youtube accounts to follow.

Here is my list of the top beauty YouTubers to follow now, from self-taught makeup artists to glitter queens and everything in-between.

@Heather Moorhouse

Heather creates amazing stand out beauty looks that are always bordering on works of art. I love how candid she is with her life updates.

@Allana Davison

Allana’s instagram stories make me laugh on a daily basis but her youtube has taught me so much about make up. I love that it feels like she’s just chatting with friends when she’s filming.


Karen’s skin is flawless and I love her dewy make up looks.

@Sophie Hannah

I’ve been a fav of Sophies for years and I keep coming back for those glitter tutorials. Sophie is one of those people that you can watch over and over again, it’s like your bff is teaching you how to look sickening in the cutest way.


I could watch her do anything, I love her editing style and the choice of music for the videos. Also her perfect skin is literal life goals.

@Patricia Bright

This girl makes me laugh hysterically with every video, not only is she incredible at make up, she also comes across as really lovely and super fun.

@Jamie Genevieve

Obviously I had to include the babe that is Jamie Genevieve! I’ve loved watching her take over the make up industry, this babe is killing it and I’m happy to report back that she’s exactly the same in person, even a little bit hotter, if you can even imagine.

 @Tashina Combs

I love Tashina’s blog – logical harmony, it’s where I go to find out if products and companies are cruelty free and I was so happy when I found out she also ran a youtube channel! Perfect if you are wanting to transition to cruelty free make up or if you just want to know what vegan products are amazing!

@Leigh Dickson

I found Leigh through instagram and I fell in love with her make up looks. I love her creativity and how she plays with make up.


Oh dear lord I am totally obsessed with Sonjdra. Her ability to make anything look perfect is probably down to her perfect face but I don’t care. She makes me want to buy every single thing she uses.

@Kaytee Ellen

I am fully obsessed with all of Kaytee’s looks. Especially her no brow full goth baby aesthetic. I AM LIVING FOR IT. Her make up looks are always flawless and she is a total delight to watch.

I hope you enjoyed my top beauty YouTubers to follow. If you want to follow me on youtube then just head over to my channel & hit subscribe!

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