Long to short – my hair transformation with Blow Finnieston

May 11, 2016


Luckily I have access to an amazing hairdresser, or my haircut could have ended up a skinhead a la empire records. Clippers at the ready!

I loved having long hair, but I didn’t love the upkeep, how easily damaged it got and the constant hair all over my face/house/life issue.

I decided to get the chop as I needed my extensions out. Instead of going for a trim I would go back to my roots, and get it all chopped off. I have had short hair most of my life and whilst the extensions were a fun break they were just not me. After all if I want long hair for a day I’ll just get a wig…that’s what they are for after all!

Watch my transformation from long to short hair with Blow Finnieston below, using only Manic Panic colours to create my custom pink hair & giving all the facts about the bob & its origins.

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