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Kiko Makeup Haul

March 9, 2016

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Sometimes you find a make up brand that is everything you have been looking for, and you start to wonder how you ever did your make up without them. Read on for my thoughts on my Kiko Makeup Haul.

heart lippy

This is exactly how I feel about Kiko cosmetics, the makeup brand from Milan has become one of my favourite brands in a very short period of time. I found the brand through my girl Sheri, after stealing her pressed powder more times than I can count I knew I had to get some of my own. So when visiting London I ran into the store with blinders on, grabbed the pressed powder and tried to ignore all the other beautiful products, I was flying home and couldn’t fit anything else into the tiny plastic bag they expect everything to go in. (Seriously who can fit all makeup and skin care into one? IMPOSSIBLE) .

When Kiko opened a store in Glasgow I could have cried with joy, or wept at the hit my bank balance was about to take! Safe to say I fell in love with most of the range, how adorable is that heart lipstick from the Valentines collection? I seriously don’t think I can ever use it, I’ve not even swatched it! It’s just too perfect. But the colour does look fab…oh the dilemma! I already have a wishlist for my next visit, coloured eyeliner is ranking pretty high on that list. Not only are Kiko cruelty free they also have so many dupes for make up companies that do test on animals! Want some of the Nars Orgasm blusher? Well theres an eyeshadow thats nearly exactly the same for a 5th of the price, need that ruby red from MAC? Get your ass to Kiko cosmetics!

Watch below as I talk you through my latest Kiko makeup haul, the most pigmented orange lipstick you have ever seen and why I think green primer is the way forward.

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