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holiday make up for sensitive skin – let your inner goddess glow

September 23, 2015
When it’s 30 degrees out I hate wearing makeup, I hate it! My skin feels like it’s coated in something icky and sweating through your make up is never pretty. It never looks like it does in the movies, I am not slightly shiny with a dewy glow, I look like I’ve ran laps up and down the beach and my eyebrows are starting to run away from me…well NO MORE! I have come up with an easy makeup routine that will leave you glowing and radiant. 

holiday make up for sensitive skin

First steps first, the make up bag! Make sure it is big enough to fit all your products and brushes without crushing them, this one from Nevarah fits the bill and is super cute to boot! I’ve packed like everything needs to go into hand luggage, so only hero products allowed here I’m afraid.


holiday make up for sensitive skin
Let’s start with the base, if your going out during the day wear a high SPF (see here for more details) but if your going out after sundown use a moisturiser without an SPF as it can reflect weirdly in photos and we are not going for super blown out face here. If I’m heading out during the day and not just lying at the pool all day long I use the Sara Hill Foundation stick as a concealer, it’s light but creamy and blends really well. Use it all over if you’re looking for a heavier coverage. Remember to prime your face first! I swear by HydraVeil, it’s moisturising and your make up will look fresh all day long. 
Next is the basics, I use Illamasqua Gel brows in strike. I love this product, the colour is perfect & it doesn’t budge, unless you wiper your hands down your face! I also use their blusher in Nymph as is gives a natural glow, I always wear highligher at night but I don’t think you need it during the day as your sunscreen will give a nice glow. Mascara is essential wherever you are and this baby from Barry M is super black and makes your lashes nice and thick without the dreaded clump. I’ve included the Sara Hill glitter in my basics and you might think I’m crazy BUT I have been using this near enough every day and if you follow my Instagram you’ll be more than familiar with some of the looks I’ve created. Use it lightly on the lid or cheek for a daytime look or go full heavy metal and cover your eyelid! Remember to use my top tip for applying glitter which you can find here.
Personally I’m all about a strong lip on holiday, it looks perfect with no eye make up (remember those brows though girls!) and it really makes a statement without being overdone. I have to say I’m a sucker for packaging, Unless it’s pretty on the outside as well as being amazing on the inside I don’t want to know! Lush do amazing cosmetics and these two have to be my favourite colours, the red lipstick is quite deep and gives full coverage but it smudges so no kissing in this one! The pink lipstick is probably the colour I wear most often, it’s kiss proof (weird that they are the same lippy right?!) and will last all day with only a top up or two to keep the colour vibrant. Next in line is this cross gloss in ‘Hot as Hell’ from Manic Panic, the colour on this is insane and although it’s a gloss and goes smudge the staying power is amazing if your careful. Illamasqua are one of my favourite make up brands (can you tell?) and their sheer lipgloss is perfect, they are a little shimmery but I love that 90’s vibe and they have colour you can build so one coat is very sheer and two coats you see the colour start to come through, this particular colour is called tantrum. I had to include the Manic Panic bite me lippy as the red is perfect on sun kissed skin! 
Remember to keep your lips moisturised as the sun, humidity and salt water will dry them out, I am loving the Ember Candle co lipbalm in mango with ginger & vanilla at the moment, it smells as amazing as it sounds and is so moisturising. Wear it on it’s own or mix a little of the Lush lippy in to create a hint of colour.


Make up bag – Nevarah

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    Ember Candle Co Etsy shop is taking a short break! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

    Just as well though, I'm trying not to spend any money on makeup until I can hit up Sephora in a couple of weeks…

    Lis / last year's girl x

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