Five cruelty free perfumes you need to try

July 30, 2017

When I made the transition to only using cruelty free beauty products the one thing I struggled most with was finding a cruelty free perfume.

Pretty much every designer perfume is sold in china, but luckily there are amazing cruelty free perfumes out there for you to choose from.

So in my search for cruelty free perfumes I’ve come across some amazing brands and I wanted to share my top five picks with you. They range from fruity and sweet to musky and spicy there’s something for everyone.


Korres skincare is amazing, and they do a scent to match almost every range. So if you find your favourite skincare you can make sure you smell like it 247.

My favourite is the Velvet Orris perfume and it’s a perfect mix of floral and peppery notes. Perfect for everyday use!


You won’t get a company more invested in smell than lush, just head to their spa & you’ll see what I mean!

Gorilla perfumes have loads of scents. But my all time favourite has to be Lord of Misrule, it’s the perfect perfume for Autumn.


Eden perfume is like cruelty free perfume mecca. You can search by designer perfume you wear and then the results will list a cruelty free alternative that matches your search perfectly.

Try the Tom Ford tobacco vanille dupe, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

French Girl Organics

Vegan & organic these minimal perfumes are the perfect addition to your perfume collection.

Ambre noir reminds us of a spicy christmas candle, it’s warming and a perfect evening scent.

Damn Rebel Bitches

REEK was created by some badass Scottish babes! The first perfume by Damn Rebel Bitches is inspired by Scotlands Jacobite women.

Don’t let the name sway you it smells sweet and slightly spicy. Great if you like floral scents that are far from sickly sweet.


  • Reply Rona November 20, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    I’m only buying and accepting cruelty free gifts this year for Christmas so this is great help ‚ú® Thank you

  • Reply Sandra July 30, 2017 at 6:21 pm

    Nice picks. I love Damn Rebel Bitches too! And the perfumes by Eden are great (the Tom Ford Portofino smell alike I love). Walden Natural Perfumes from Love Lula are great too.

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