Dr organic face mask review


I’ve been hooked on face masks ever since those peel off ones you got when you were 15.

 As the years have gone by I’d like to think my skin care routine has gotten a little more sophisticated than a 99p face mask from Boots.


I recently discovered Dr Organic in The Vegan Kind Beauty box, at first I have to admit I was a little sceptical, I am all about the fresh face masks and doubted something from a tube could give the same results. Boy was I wrong. The bio plasma mud mask not only left my face feeling fresh my skin was actually glowing a bit afterwards. The consistency is a little like clay, very easy to put on and spread evenly. I tend to leave the mask on for a little under 10 minutes as I get distracted quite easily, so if I start doing something else I will end up forgetting I have a face mask on and it will be there for hours (it’s happened and it’s not pretty trying to wash off completely dry cracked face mask!), wash off with a face cloth to make sure you get everything and follow with a rich moisturiser. I tend to only use a face mask at night so I can put on moisturiser and then keep my face free of make up or outside pollutants.

The Dr Organic face mask is free from Parabens and loads of other things that I have no idea about but feel like I should google because they all sound bad, like Isothiazolinones which it turns out is a preservative used in the cosmetic industry…it’s also used it paint!

Head over to the Dr Organics website to find out more about the brand or head straight to Holland & Barratt to buy now.

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