Cruelty free Haircare – The Best Styling Products for Fine Hair

April 11, 2018

Recently I’ve had so many questions about how I style my hair. Having thin hair I’ve got my styling down to a fine art, I’ve used so many products over the years and these are the ones that have stood the test of time.

So what are the best styling products for fine hair?

I use a variety of styling products, from primers & treatments to mists and powders, and these are my favourites.

Super Strong Treatment

This Paul Mitchell treatment is perfect if your hair is prone to breakage, esp if it’s over bleached like mine. This is my third bottle! Use on clean damp hair, a few pumps will do it if you have short hair, and comb through.

Blow-dry Primer

Spritz this on damp hair & blow-dry. It really helps with humidity, perfect if you are travelling! It also speeds up the blow-dry time, helpful if you have long hair, or if you hate drying your hair.

Sugar Spray

If you are looking for texture then this is the product for you. Spray a few pumps on damp hair and blow dry. Don’t use too much though as you can end up with crispy hair. Better to use a little and be able to add a different product on top. If you are looking for beachy messy hair then spay a little onto dry hair and work through.

Volume Creator

This is basically a better version of dust it. It creates volume but doesn’t weigh your hair down. Add the tiniest amount to your roots and brush through your hair. I use this at the top of my head and work through to make sure I get the effect I like.

Dry Wash

I use this or Batiste if I want to add some texture & but I don’t want to use the Sugar Spray or the volume creator. I also use it as a dry shampoo after a couple of days but it’s great for making just washed hair a little more manageable.

Definition Mist

This is great for adding a little last minute texture. The spray is really lightweight and also adds a little shine to your hair. It helps that it smells amazing!

I hope my recommendations on the best styling products for fine hair helped! As always, all of the beauty products featured are cruelty-free. If you spot any that aren’t or you have any questions then feel free to comment or pop over to my twitter or Instagram and we can chat there.

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