Cruelty Free Beauty – My Favourite Serums

June 5, 2018

After doing the 10 step Korean Skincare Routine, serums were something I added to my daily skincare routine.

I have quite sensitive skin and as I get older there are a whole load of extra skin concerns that a ‘cleanse – tone – moisturise’ routine just don’t address. So I’ve rounded up my favourite cruelty free serums, how to use them and what time of the day to use them.

Cruelty Free serums

Skin Recovery – As my skin is sensitive sometimes it needs a little extra protection and this protects from environmental damage. It’s also really soothing and hydrating. I use this in the morning if my skin is feeling a little dry. If I’ve been travelling I’ll use this before I go to bed that night and again the next morning.

Hyaluronic Serum –  Hyaluronic acid provides skin with a hydration boost. This serum is blended with pomegranate extract so it makes the skin super soft. I’ll use this any time of day.

Resveratrol & Ferulic Acid – This is full of amazing antioxidant ingredients and properties. It’s great for anti ageing! I use this at night before I put on moisturiser and my skin always feels great in the morning.

Matrixyl 10% – Another great product for anti ageing, I use this every day, morning and night. I’ll apply a couple of drops to my hands and work into my face. It does feel a little sticky but it sinks in really quickly. I follow it with a day cream and SPF or a night oil.

BHA liquid exfoliant – Salicylic acid is used for exfoliation so I use this once a week instead of a standard exfoliator. It’s great if you are prone to redness or blackheads as it reduces both. I only use this at night, you can use it during the day but I never have. As it’s resurfacing the skin make sure to wear a high SPF the next day.

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