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7 ways to say fuck you to valentines day

February 14, 2017

I have never been a fan of Valentine’s day. In fact, I’ve never actually celebrated it, despite being in a relationship for nearly every Valentines day I can remember.

So why am I so against it? Apart from the complete waste of money on Valentines Cards, Balloons & overpriced dinners, and the fact that it’s a notoriously depressing holiday for those society deems unworthy of love or for those people who have lost the love of their lives.

It’s ONE DAY, one day we are supposed to show the most important person in our lives what they mean to us, and we are supposed to do it in this standard way, with flowers and cards and chocolates. It takes the surprise out of any romance and in my opinion, puts too much pressure on everyone involved. Let’s face it, we’d all rather be taken out on a whirlwind romantic date on a random Tuesday night, and we’d much rather be sent some flowers ‘just because’.

So with this in mind here are some ways to give Valentines the finger & treat yo self!

Get a hair transformation

Nothing makes me feel sassier than a trip to Blow in Glasgow. Treat yourself to a blow dry or why not go for a full transformation & get yourself a new cut or colour? Plus the free cocktails ensure you’ll leave with an extra big smile on your face!

Have the sassiest talons in town

The prettiest nail salon this side of LA. Get in for some gels, listen to some old school 90’s r&b which is pretty much the salon soundtrack, and leave feeling like you’ve just had a gossip with a room full of your besties.

Take a soak

Where would we be without Lush? Bathtime would be hella boring that’s for sure! Take a dip and relax, turn off your phone and grab a book/magazine and dissolve. My ultimate anti Valentines bath recipe is here.

Treat Yo Self

Take today to grab some of those bargains for yourself! As most of you know I launched the Honey Pop club in December, and I am so happy that so many of you have subscribed. The feb box is my favourite yet and for £20 you get over £40 worth of amazing products! Including my all-time favourite lipstick brand, artwork & some new flair, total bargain huh?

See your best Girls

This doesn’t have to be for some overly intricate plan, meet your best girls for a coffee, a cocktail or just a walk through the park! My favourite way to spend valentines is to watch old movies, drink copious amounts of fizz & reminisce about terrible relationships. Weirdly I also seem to always get new underwear from my girls! These Solstice Intimates pants would perk up any one’s day.

Take some time for Self Love

February is a hard month without Valentine’s day. We are still pretty skint and the weather seems to be getting worse instead of getting better. So what better time to show yourself some love? Write down three things you love about yourself, your laugh, your hair, your ability to do a headstand whilst wasted, whatever it is, write it down and read it out loud. Then pop on a face mask and dance around to your favourite song. Or have a nap, or both. You deserve it.

Pay it forward

It’s easy to do a random act of kindness and not only will you make that person feel better, you’ll feel better too! It can be anything from helping your neighbour in with the shopping, volunteering, buying someone a cup of coffee or just saying something nice to a stranger. Kindness has a domino effect and the state of the world at the moment we could all do with being a little kinder.

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