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And they call it….Puppy Love

August 3, 2016

Did someone say Puppy Love?

Although I love my babies (yes they are thank you very much) they don’t feature very often on my blog. This is for a variety of reasons, Lady hates the camera, Honeybee is a little shit, Lady Barks at random things to protect the house and Honeybee again is a little adorable shit. So when Sheri suggested that we FILM our babies meeting for the first time I thought it would all go horribly wrong, turns out our babies love each other, even if they didn’t play up to the camera…or play nice for it!

In case this is your first time on my blog (HI!), I have two Puggles, that’s a pug crossed with a beagle. Lady is the tan one with the curly tail & she is a proper puggle, mummy was a beagle & daddy was a pug. Honeybee is the little tri coloured horror & is second generation, meaning both her parents were puggles. They have completely different personalities as you can see in the video but they are both equally as affectionate, needy, annoying, crazy & lovable as each other and I wouldn’t change them for the world!

(Well maybe Lady could stop trying to chase rabbits into the woods & Honeybee could stop trying to eat all the fox poo but apart from that….nothing!)

Watch their adorable Puppy Love video below.

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