Top things to do in Cornwall in the summer

You wouldn’t be alone in imagining these photos were taken on some tropical island in the south pacific in the blistering heat. In fact they were taken on the south coast of Cornwall, where it was a balmy 28 degrees with a light south westerly breeze…I think I missed my calling as a weather girl!


This isn’t my first visit to Cornwall and I doubt it’ll be my last, it may be at the bottom of the UK but it feels like another planet. Nothing is rushed, you actually sit down to have lunch, people go for morning walks on the beach and everything feels a little more laid back. Maybe this was the result of the beach and some amazing cocktails but I think not. Cornwall you are a total betty, Britain’s very own sunshine coast. 
There are literally thousands of things to do in this little slice of paradise but here are my top 5 things to do in Cornwall in the Summertime, so get those shades out and start packing!
1. The beautiful Nare Hotel is best enjoyed from the patio and pool, which is open to the public so you don’t have to stay over! The outdoor pool is heated so it’s not like dipping your toes into ice and it boasts the cutest little beach huts. The views of the ocean are spectacular and the palm trees definitely add a tropical effect, it definitely does not feel like you are in the UK. Tip – Phone ahead and book a table on the terrace for lunch, the food is amazing and after a swim you can sit back and enjoy the sun, sea and sangria.
2. Pendower Beach is breathtaking, not only does it make you feel like you are on a beach in Europe with the powdery sands it also boasts loads of rocks in the middle, so you can explore some rock pools just like you did when you where little. One side of the beach boasts an abandoned hotel, it’s sprawling and pink! I can’t wait until someone buys it and renovates it, it will make such a beautiful addition to the beach.
3. Nare’s head is not easy to get to, but the view is totally worth it. You can see for miles on a clear day and surrounded by fields you feel completely at one with nature, tranquil doesn’t even begin to cover it. Along with amazing views just back from the cliff is a cold war bunker! It’s actually open at certain times of the year so if you plan accordingly then you can go and have a look!
4. Falmouth may not be the capital of Cornwall but it is definitely the place to go for shopping. The streets are tiny but lined with boutiques, vintage stores, and thrift stores, stay away from the standard high street shops here and grab yourself something one-off, handmade and unique.
5. The Idle Rocks hotel looks over the harbour at St Mawes, the sound of the waves lapping onto the terrace and the gulls wheeling overhead makes for the ultimate in relaxation. We had drinks on the terrace before heading inside for some of the most delicious food I have ever tasted. The menu is not very veggie friendly but the staff were more than accommodating, the gnocchi was out of this world and I fully recommend the chilled coconut pudding, in fact if it’s on the ever changing menu and you don’t try it you are seriously missing out. The decor is decidedly nautical and I wouldn’t expect anything less. Absolute bliss.
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Swimsuit – Swimwear365
Beach towel – Debenhams
Bag – Sun Jellies

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