the perfect summer day

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“From sticks of rock to fish and chips, sandcastles and arcade games, there is nothing quite like the British Seaside. Just in time for Summer, Pretavoir is pleased to introduce the exclusive Sherbet Collection. Inspired by the Great British Summer, Sherbet is a limited collection of bright coloured Wayfarers, coming in 4 different colour ways and fully customisable Pic N Mix tints. With 4 candy coloured tints to choose from, there’s up to 16 different combinations you can create from the collection allowing you to really personalise your eyewear.

With seaside sweets and long Summer days being the main influence, we’ve named each frame for our favourite sherbet flavours, each available with 4 different tints – strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and lemon”

Now I love summer, the pastels, the ice cream and of course the beach! Brighton beach is one of my favourite places ever. The beach huts are adorable, it has miles of sandy/stony lovely sand, you can get awesome ice cream AND it has a super cute pier.

My perfect summer day in Brighton has to start with breakfast at Temptation, SERIOUSLY good poached eggs and to top it off all the tea pots come with hand knitted tea cosies…too cute. I always find post breakfast shopping essential and there’s no where better to find kitch and vintage than the Brighton Lanes. I like to stroll around for a few hours and take in all the sights, grab a milkshake and head for the pier. The board walk is always busy and I love it, you see everyone on the pier, from first dates to old married couples and I understand, it’s such a romantic place. After a few rides on the carousel and a good while getting lost in stupid arcade games I love to grab a massive ice cream cone and wander down the beach in search of a good deck chair for a rest and an impromptu picnic. Afterwards I love nothing better than to get snap happy, I mean it’s such a perfect location and since one of my favourite campaigns of all time was shot there by one of my idols how can I resist a few fun shots? I can only hope one day someone hands me a giant plastic ice cream cone.

The best way to end a perfect day? Find a good spot to watch the sunset.

Now for a perfect summer day you need the perfect summer outfit!
For a day wandering around in the sun two things are essential, comfy shoes and awesome sunnies! Miista shoes are ridiculously comfy and completely beautiful, I mean they pretty much have a glass heel, how much more like cinders can you feel?! The Sherbet Strawberry and Strawberry Wayfarers from Pretavoir are perfect summer sunnies, they take rose tinted glasses to a whole other level. Now I know what your thinking, a jumper in summer?! Well Brighton still gets a little chilly at night and it is cropped, I would add a cute striped crop underneath in case the jumper was a little too much for during the day. You can’t go wrong with an A line skirt and this powder blue colour is perfect, throw in some lemon accessories and your onto a winner!

What’s your perfect summer day?
*image of ice cream by Jonathon Kambouris, all other images from Pinterest*


  1. Lucy Stanistreet June 15, 2014 / 8:20 pm

    Love this.. i'm a huge fan of Brighton beach hut shades xx

  2. honey pop June 16, 2014 / 10:13 am

    Me too! I really need to visit again soon <3 xxx

  3. Cat Face Fitness July 3, 2014 / 10:41 pm

    Can we just turn your blog into a shop? Giant ice creams, balloons, a nail bar and all your awesome fashion finds 🙂

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