the perfect pair

I only started wearing jeans a few years ago….I know that sounds completely ridiculous but I always thought it was cheating, like you weren’t putting any effort in just shoving on a pair of jeans. To be honest I still sometimes find myself falling into that pitfall, I’ll pick up a pair of jeans in the morning and think…nah I’ll just wear a pencil skirt….or those pink trousers. But I think I’m coming to terms with the fact that jeans are ok, they’re not cheating, they’re not even being lazy! But now I have a new dilemma, finding jeans that fit! I have a couple of high waited pairs that are awesome but I wanted something different, not super skinny and to sit a little lower and not be low rise (oh how I loathe thee low rise jeans!), because that shit does not look good on ANYONE. 

Last Sunday GAP had a little event to show Rebekka Bay’s first collection as dead of design. To be perfectly honest I’ve never been a GAP fan, I associate them with middle American mums but when I heard that Rebekka was leaving COS for GAP I knew I had to keep my eyes peeled for her first collection. Rebekka said that she wanted to focus on what was ‘Iconically GAP’ but you can clearly see some design influence from COS. Clean lines and statement pieces are mixed with the quintessential GAP essentials. 
Mixed prints and clean silhouettes make up the majority of the lookbook, the mesh white dress is a summer staple and stripes are a no brainer but here they are updated in pastels and panels. I love a clashing print and you don’t get better than this stripe shirt and abstract jeans.

After the event we were let loose on the store and after all the hype I’d heard about GAP jeans I just had to try some on! There were a few questionable styles (see bootcut and pedal pushers) but after trying on multiple pairs I came across these beauties. I’ve never really bought into the distressed look but these were exactly what I was looking for, lower than highwaisted but not bum flashing low, tight and a great fit! Their first outing was a pretty manic day at work so I opted for super casual,  printed vintage shirt and a pair of pink cons and my grey Abandon Ship Apparel hat. 

So tell me….what are your favourite pair of jeans?


  1. Lauren Maria March 21, 2014 / 4:54 pm

    i always buy gap jeans i find they have a good fit for me. these distressed ones are fab

  2. Helen Macdonald March 22, 2014 / 10:20 am

    Loving this casual look. I am also not much of a jean person, I only have one pair of high waisted ones. I definitely struggle with the low rise trend so might have to give GAP a go. X

  3. Lynsay Neil March 23, 2014 / 4:52 pm

    'Let loose on the store' – too right we were! 🙂
    I only own two pairs of jeans (Levi's and Westwood x Lee) and I think I can count the amount of wears on one hand!
    Finding the perfect jeans is so hard (I fell out with Topshop denim YEARS ago) but you've definitely found your perfect pair in these ones! xx

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