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I had the lovely Opportunity to Interview Rosanna Gault, shoe designer extraordinare. I think her work pretty much speaks for itself… And with designs worn by Bubbles from Ab Fab, what more can you ask for?!

So Rosie! I know you’ve designed for irregular Choice but what other designers have you worked for?

I was lucky enough to have a year long design internship at Jimmy Choo as part of my degree. It was a lovely experience to have the opportunity to learn from the team there, they were all extremely kind to me. Once I finished my degree I worked as a freelance designer at Karl by Karl Lagerfeld, which was another great opportunity that I learnt a lot from. 

What made you want to design shoes? 

My Grandpa used to have a shoe factory in Northampton which was always really inspirational to me. My Grandma has the most amazing shoe collection, I used to love seeing them when I was little. I always loved fashion, but I really wanted to specialise in shoe design as I believe that shoes are always the main focus point of a woman’s outfit.

This is going to be hard…so prepare yourself…whats your FAVOURITE pair of shoes You’ve ever designed?

Ha that is a very hard question, although I think that I will have to say the shoes that I designed for Irregular Choice are my favourite. It was so great to work with such a playful and flamboyant company. It meant that there wasn’t really any design boundaries and it’s a company where youthful influences are encouraged, so I had great fun designing for them. 

Who would you love to design shoes for?

I would love to design for Jeffy Campbell, I love the quirkiness of all of their shoes.

What shoe company is the one to watch for 2014?

I’m currently working for a new shoe company which will launch towards the end of 2014. I sadly can’t give much away about it at the moment, but I can say that it will be an extremely fun company to watch out for.

What are your future plans? Any collaborations we should be looking out for?

As for the future I would like to gain more experience within the footwear world as well as developing my own projects.

You can keep up with Rosanna on her Instagram 
(it’s full of awesome shoes, how cute are the little windows on the soles?!)

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