pop up’s all over the joint

We have all seen small stores on our high street go out of business to leave a sad derelict spaces but no more! It seems to be the season of the pop up and Bryres road in Glasgow has a total gem opening on the 21st of November. Think Boutique and Rapu Nui Gallery return to the high street with their latest pop up venture with an array of ethical goodies. 
Open over Christmas it gives you a good alternative to high street gifts and the girls have a lot in store for you! They will have everything from art and fashion events, art projects for the kids and live mannequins (let’s hope they’re a little more covered than the ones in Agent Provocateur, don’t want any buses to crash again!)

The store will feature ethically produced clothing, homeware and art, be sure to pop down on Thursday to get a first look and plan your Christmas gifts! I’m totally in love with the illustrated vintage dictionary pages!

The girls behind the pop up <3 Victoria McQuillan & Claire Kennedy

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