pastel nightmare

I have tried very hard not to turn this into a wedding blog (I’m getting married in August) but I think it’s time that things got a little weddingy! … and thats TOTALLY a word.
First things first, COLOUR. I didn’t mean to pick a colour scheme, and I definitely didn’t  look through brides magazines thinking oh i’ll just use white and have crystals everywhere (BOAK)

Here is my colour inspiration…as far as I’m concerned  your wedding is about you, and what you want, we’re basically having a big party! You definitely do not have to do “wedding” like everyone else, go a bit wild, elope, get married in a forest, get married in your garden, or where ever you want, but remember if people are telling you that you HAVE to do something just because your supposed to remember…

My wedding might be a pastel nightmare…but that’s pretty much my wardrobe/life so why should my wedding day (or three) be any different?

All images via Pinterest <3 


  1. sewconfidentglasgow January 5, 2014 / 11:29 pm

    Pastel nightmare sounds great! I was thinking the other day about traditions I love that I obviously see in films but never in real life such as throwing the bouquet. Bloody great idea – I'll definitely be doing that at mine. x

  2. Dayna McAlpine January 7, 2014 / 1:22 am

    love your wee ideas, PASTEL ERRRRYTHING. also, as you were saying about not having to be weddingy, thought you'd like knowing that my ma and da got married on a round the world trip.. on a beach in jamaica! and they hadn't told anyone they were gonna do it! <3

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