finding ‘the one’

As most of you know I am doing the ‘one month, one dress’ challenge to raise money for the British heart foundation. Please visit my Just Giving page and for more info…and to donate if you like.

Today was the day I went to find the dress…the ‘one’ if you like, the dress that i’ll be wearing everyday in February..the more I think about this the more I think I had a bit of a lapse in judgement… 

I had a vision of what kind of dress I wanted, solid colour, midi length with 3/4 or long sleeves, as I has to buy two I didn’t really want to spend over £25 per dress. 
You wouldn’t think that it would be that difficult….well you would be wrong! 
I went to H&M..nothing…Miss Selfridges…nothing…River Island…nothing…New look had one not in my size…Topshop had one but only in black and I don’t really wear black…

But Finally I found salvation in Republic, a store I never shop in! The dress is by AX paris, a brand I only ever buy shoes from (killer heels seriously), but I think thats all about to change! Cute dresses, jumpers and playsuit’s galore.
The dress was exactly what I was looking for, one colour, midi length, long sleeves, super tight. I’m in love …

After the morning of shopping I was in desperate need of a milkshake so the boy and I went to the handmade burger company for some tasty lunch <3

 ice cream milkshakes…..nom nom

What I wore for my little shopping trip

Top – H&M basic
Shirt – H&M
Ring – Seasons
Belt – Vintage
Jeans – River Island
Creepers – Underground shoes
and here’s a little photo of my babies because they are seriously too cute!
Kisses from me Lady and Honeybee xxx


  1. honey pop January 26, 2013 / 8:52 pm

    thanks lovely! getting nervous now! x

  2. beewaits January 28, 2013 / 8:53 pm

    i love this outfit, you are adorable. can't wait to see your outfits x

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