en pointe

Two nights ago I was invited to the full dress rehearsal of Elite Syncopations performed by the Scottish ballet, obviously I jumped at the choice! I went with the two babes Betty and Bee for a night of cultural enhancement, I havent laughed so much in a theatre in a long time! The show was written in 1974 and is set in a dance club. The set was very simple, just a clear dance floor with some chairs around it, for the dancers to lounge in whilst they wait their turn to perform. 

The costumes…were amazing! Lycra at every turn with some amazing headwear, I was in love with a very large pink hat! The orchestra were behind the dancers which was a nice twist, and they were also in costume! Some very large trousers and bow ties. 
 The dancers were breathtaking, even when performing a comic dance where one of the leading ladies who never got asked to dance because of her tall stature (sad face) was swept off her feet by a ‘short, clumsy’ dancer, every trip/fall/drop was comedy gold!

The dancers rehearsing backstage

The dress rehearsal 

What I wore

Jacket – Sample sale (similar here)
Jumper – River Island (similar here)
Skirt – Made from a dress (similar here)
Boots – River Island (similar here)

The scottish ballet are performing Hansel and Gretel over Christmas, it looks to be mind blowing…I’ll see you there!

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