Dreaming of the Sun #5DaysOfSoma

Sometimes the only way to cure the winter blues is to start planning an escape to the sun. The Kempinski Hotel is on the coast of the Red Sea and is built into a Moorish fortress…how cool is that?! The hotel is full of beautiful features and has it’s own palm tree covered beach. And what could be a better back drop for some picture perfect swimwear shots?

I would love to style some shoots using all the amazing swimwear from Swimwear 365 amidst these beautiful buildings, fountains and white sand beaches so let’s try a little imaginary planning! 
“Vintage Glamour”
The easiest way to look glamorous on the beach is to slick on some red lipstick and pop on some vintage inspired sunglasses. Let the stars of the silver screen inspire you and grab a headscarf and some white wedges, wander down the beach and pretend ignore the paparazzi.   
“Gypsy Queen”
When your surrounded by beautiful landscapes and rolling surf the sensible thing to do is grab a high waisted bikini, a floral crown, an over sized tshirt for a cover up and head onto the beach to play in the sand. I would love to take a boat out onto the red sea, snorkel, relax on the boat and get some beautiful snaps.
“La Chic”
There is something so glamorous about a black swimsuit with a plunging neckline, accessorise with a massive black hat and add some yellow highlights for a bit of colour pop. These Miu Miu Sunglasses will make it easy for you to look chic whilst sipping a cocktail by the pool or lounging soaking up the sun. I love a glamorous poolside shoot and you couldn’t ask for a better location than the grand jacuzzi.
So I have to ask…what’s your favourite look? 

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