coffee table love

I am a bit of a sucker for a good book, I will literally disappear from the face of the planet until I am finished, and then I’ll tell everyone I know about it and make them borrow it. This is why I love coffee table books, because when you have your friends round and you need to make dinner/get ready/do something, they have something to browse through that’s a bit more substantial than a paper (and has prettier pictures).
So here’s whats on my coffee table right now….what’s on yours?

1. The life and legend of James Dean – Filled with interesting stories and old pictures this is an insight into one of Hollywood’s greatest actors, and he’s pretty easy on the eye <3

2. Everyone loves fairytales, these are translated from Eastern European Fold tales and are beautifully illustrated.

3. Pure Trance by Junko Mizuno, As the first Japanese artist I fell in Love with this is one of my favourite books to just flick through. Her Illustrations are cute and completely grotesque…I also have one of her little illustrations tattooed on the back of my head!

 4. Tank Girl, needs no introduction really! The book is filled with original artwork and never released sketches and posters.

5. The Art of the Tease, The images in this are amazing, Dita is so perfect in everyshot! It’s lovely to learn where where got her inspiration from, and I love the story of her stripping in a biker bar with her giant feathers <3


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