Bonnie is a Vampire slayer….


Bonnie Bling are infamous for their quirky collections and they haven’t disappointed with this AW collection!
I dont know anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for Buffy the Vampire slayer. Their new collection is split into personalities from the show, buffy, angel, giles etc and I have to say I CANNOT decide between angel and giles! Obviously this has no relation to the show because I was ALWAYS a spike girl….until Oz came along….*sigh*

“Autumn/Winter celebrates the powerful, feminine night time warrior who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, who shares her strength and love with others and who always looks out for her nearest and dearest. She is strong willed and possesses the special ability to pull herself together when times get super tough. No duvet days for Bonnie, there are bad guys to be beat!
Jewellery pieces are dark, strong, mystical and never far from the cheeky humour Bonnie Bling are known for. Mysterious triangles, golden spikes and crosses, flashes of neon and Swarovski crystals all pull together to create a collection any aspiring slayer can be proud of”

Who was your fav in the show? And what piece are you lusting after from our girls at Bonnie Bling?

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