A list to start the year…

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Ok so 2013 hasn’t started well, being in my bed for all of it so far, (I HATE YOU FLU) but, I have not started as I mean to go on! 

This post did start life as a ‘what to buy with all your glorious christmas money’ and then I thought, why blow it all on sale items when there is the whole beautiful year ahead?… so these are some of the things I would like January 2013 to bring…

To start properly saving for a house, I love decorating and I can’t really do that in a rental property. I know I won’t be able to buy for a few years so I am content at the moment to plan my dream home on Pinterest (you can have a look at my pins here) whilst lounging about in my pi’s drinking tea.
dream house 

We all needs some jewels in our lives and I have found the perfect rings. By a little boutique company called Jewel Heritage the ring is called ‘Harbringer of death’ (morbid I love it) and well an image speaks a thousand words so…

The rings are 18ct gold and in the likeness of a crow skull. LOVE

In anticipation of the british spring I would also like a pair of jeans for every occasion, I have narrowed my list down to the following pairs…
marc by marc jacobs                                    topshop                                                    Just female 
£200                                                               £38                                                           £50

Obviously the marc jacobs ones are on my bonus wish list but I can actually see myself wearing them with everything…. and right now I wish I had them so I could wear them when I eventually go back to work with a nice white shirt and my pink creepers…. 

The topshop ones are probably already in most girls wardrobes but I have to admit….I’ve never owned a pair of topshop jeans… I know right?! I’ve always worn river island jeans as they are high waisted and reeeeeeally tight! So I will need to go in and have a try…

Just Female is a brand I have never heard of but… the jeans are high waisted, they look tight enough and have a really nice wash level. They are available from ASOS so I feel quite safe buying them, I think we’ve found our winner…. (until bonus marc jacobs jeans)

I love Pj’s, and I don’t have enough. Oh I have plenty of random tshirts/tops/jogging bottoms that are now used as pjs, but not enough proper sets. This all actually came about when I started watching new girl….I got PJ envy from Jess….stupid eh? 
Pj wishlist
above two sets from not on the high street and I love them! They look so old school and vintage and I like that they’re not floral. £50 is a bit steep so I’m thinking these will be present pjs.

The top and bottoms above are not part of a set, I love both of these pieces so much but to my disappointed they are sold without a partner… why River Island why?! I actually think I may have to buy both but I am unimpressed that the amazing russian doll shirt doesn’t have matching bottoms! and the super cute pink dog print bottoms with tassels is missing a cute little pj top…. they are also both a steal at £15 each.

The last thing on my 2013 wish list is a good notebook. I have one on my bedside table, I have a mini one in my handbag and I write my working life in them sooo here are my favs…. by size of course 😉

For your bedside table 

For your handbag

I love this notebook, the cover is illustrated by Bjorn Rune Lie, how beautiful is it?

Now for serious business… work notebook!

puppies on my notebook….. ok not that serious!

I love all of them! 

Whats your Jan wish list?

Kisses xxx


  1. hilde January 14, 2013 / 8:30 pm

    love your list! and i totally got jammies envy from watching new girl too. actually got the dog print set (it is a set!) from river island from my bf this christmas, but am extremely disappointed at the quality. looked so cute too!

  2. honey pop January 16, 2013 / 12:45 pm

    Oh no! how annoying! I've not had a chance to get to the high street in ages and some things you can't buy online! thanks for letting me know it was a set though

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