5 wedding essentials

As most of you know I get married at the beginning of August (less than two weeks! EEK) and there are some things that I know I will need on my big day, so much so that I’ve already got all of them! Obviously I wanted to share them with you and if you have any suggestions please tell me! 

1. Flats! This might be a bit of an obvious one but an essential. I love to dance and I cannot last a whole day and night in heels. My flats of choice are converse from USC, they’re perfect to dance the night away in. And don’t forget about your bridesmaids, they’ll need flats too! 

2. An amazing moisturiser. Shangri-la from Lush is a must have, I use it as a night cream and I swear it’s saved my skin in the stress filled run up to the wedding. 

3. Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue. I’ve never been one for traditions but this is one I’m definitely sticking to and it’s been fun to collect everything! So here’s my list…
Something old – My mum’s veil
Something new – My dress/shoes
Something borrowed – Bracelet from my Aunt
Something blue – My Garter made by Rene Walrus

4. Good underwear. I hate wedding underwear, it’s all so boring! But help is at hand from the underwear gods Agent Provocateur. I am in love with this corset, it has detachable straps and also comes in black, the panels make it super flattering and the matching pants are adorable! Definitely on my wedding pants wishlist. 
5. Some time alone. If there’s one thing I’ve been told by countless brides and friends it’s to take some time alone. The run up to the wedding has gone so quickly and I imagine the day will be the same, so I’m going to spend all of the time I can with the most important person there <3

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