The best bars in New Orleans

May 25, 2019

New Orleans is one of those places that everyone needs to visit. Not only will you find the friendliest people, amazing architecture and all the jazz, you’ll also find some of the best bars in the world.

There are few places that rival New Orleans for hospitality. The food is amazing and the bar scene is just incredible. From dive bars to absinthe houses and actual revolving bars, New Orleans has something for everyone. So grab a Sazerac (invented in NOLA dontcha know?), and explore the best bars in New Orleans.

Best Bars in New Orleans

Manolito – This is a small Cuban Rum Bar, an institution in New Orleans. The frozen drinks are their pièce de résistance.

Latitude 29 – Tiki bar heaven. Enough said.

Loa – When I asked my friend for a list of bars to visit when we were in New Orleans she described this place as “the sexiest bar in NOLA”. To be honest she wasn’t wrong. If that description doesn’t make you want to visit then nothing will!

Hot Tin – The Hot Tin balcony has the best view of the city. The cocktails are fantastic and the bar staff are lovely. Go for the sunset, but get there early with enough time to grab a good seat and appreciate the city from above.

Avenue Pub – Best Dive Bar in New Orleans.

Rusty Nail – A close second for the best dive bar in the city. You will leave more than your sanity here.

Carousel Bar – Exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a revolving bar! Unfortunately, it’s not an actual carousel, I don’t want you to go and be as disappointed as I was that my seat wasn’t a horse. Still worth a visit. It gets insanely busy so be prepared to wait for a seat.

Barrel Proof – Whiskey Bar with a huge selection. Staff are really knowledgeable and will mix you an off-menu cocktail on request.

The Abbey – Goth Dive Bar. Legit one of my fav places in NOLA.

The Sazerac Bar – Located in the Roosevelt hotel, this bar is beautiful! Cocktails are fancy and the service is great, the only downside is that it’s quite pricey.

Absinthe House – You can’t go to New Orleans without having a little absinthe. Just make sure it’s a little one ok?

Frenchman St – Ok so not an actual bar but a whole street of, you guessed it, bars! This is the place to go if you want to do a bar crawl punctuated by amazing live music, all the jazz and amazing atmosphere.

Arnauds French 75 – The only cocktail you need to get here is a french 75. Drink and be merry.

Erin Rose – Go for a frozen Irish Coffee, definitely a pick me up. Use that caffeine high to fuel your shopping/bar hopping day.

Lafittes Blacksmith Shop – This is one of the oldest buildings in New Orleans and argued to be the first bar in the country. It’s tiny and the purple slushie is insanely alcoholic. A must visit, even if it’s just to say you’ve been!

You may wonder why I’ve not included Bourbon St in this list as a place to go. I much preferred Frenchman street. Bourbon for me was too touristy, too busy and full of people too wasted to hold their liquor if you know what I mean. Go to the recommended bars, but I would avoid a bar crawl down Bourbon.

 A little tip, drinking outside in NOLA is totally legal, but this means there is loads of trash from throwaway cups. Get a reusable one from a supermarket or start your day at Erin Rose and buy a lil touristy one! That way you have a souvenir and you’ll have something to get all your cocktails in. I hope you enjoyed my little list of the best bars in New Orleans! Have fun in NOLA and remember to drink plenty of water.

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