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Five Vegan Places to Eat in New Orleans

March 19, 2019

I have to admit that when we booked a trip to New Orleans, I was a little nervous.

Louisanna is famed for its hospitality and its food. It was the food I was worried about. Being vegan you have to think a little more when you are travelling. Usually, I plan a few places to visit but we met one of our friends there, who is from New Orleans, so we decided to wing it a little.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of vegan options on offer, especially some that included New Orleans staples like Po-Boys and Beignets.

So here are my top Five Vegan Places to Eat in New Orleans.

Trust me when I say that you’ll want to go back to every single one again and again.

Bearcat Cafe

We were in New Orleans for four days. Three of those days we had time for breakfast. Guess where we went three times. Don’t pass judgement until you’ve been to Bearcat. It’s easily the best breakfast I’ve ever had, and I LOVE breakfast. Everything is amazing and they cater to meat eaters and vegans alike. The vegan quesadilla, the vegan ranchero and the vegan bearcat are all amazing but the quesadilla is my firm favourite. Rich opted for the crab scramble on the first day and then changed to the vegan ranchero on the second because he liked it better… I’m slowly converting him!


Seed was highly recommended and did not disappoint. The decor is really fresh and airy, including some cute AF artwork. The food is the main event though! We opted to share, something I regretted when it came to dessert, so we went for the southern fried tofu to start and then shared the eggplant po-boy and the tofu po-boy. Whilst the savoury dishes were outstanding, the main event for me was the dessert. VEGAN BEIGNETS! Holy shit they were amazing. Like warm little parcels of joy. Even the *New Orleanian* with us said they were the best she’d ever had. So turns out vegan beignets are better than the original.

Sneaky Pickle

This place is cool af but it’s also out of the way. We got an uber there from the french quarter, it was like $7. I would happily pay it again because OMG. A bit like a vegan food dive bar, the place looks scruffy and rough around the edges but don’t be put off. The vegan Ruben is incredible and the mac and cheese is gooey and spicy and the ultimate comfort food. Oh and there’s also a urinal full of flowers.


Do not go to New Orleans and not eat here. The food is so good that I would actually go back just to eat the roasted sprout hummus. The Israeli restaurant has loads of vegan options, and since it’s good to share, that’s exactly what we did. Standouts include the tabouleh, the cauliflower baba ganoush and the eggplant.


You might be wondering why TF I’m including a supermarket in this list but bear with me. Firstly, I love going into foreign supermarkets, they are so much better than the ones in the UK! Secondly, picnics are amazing and essential if you are going to New Orleans in the Summer. So why Rouses? Well, it was our guides favourite supermarket, it had everything, and I mean everything, we don’t have them in the UK, and it was on route to the park. We grabbed hummus, crisps, olives, marinated garlic, fresh bread, vegan cookies, crawfish (for the meat eaters) and wine. Oh did I not mention you can drink outside yet? Yup, you can just wander down the street with a sippy cup full of wine. Get your ass to the supermarket and then go enjoy the great outdoors!


I hope you enjoyed my little list of Vegan Places to Eat in New Orleans!

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