5 Random Facts About Me

Last weekend Instagram exploded with ‘5 facts about me’ stories and I thought it would be better to elaborate a little on here! I’ve been blogging since 2012 and even though I’d say I’m pretty much an open book there are definitely some things that you guys don’t know about me. Probably. Maybe.

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How To Find Inspiration This Year

Happy New Year everyone! With the onset of a new beginning, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to do better, to be better. And usually, these goals involve our work lives. But what happens when inspiration doesn’t strike?  View Full Post

The ultimate in Christmas relaxation – the Lush Bath

This time of year is supposed to be relaxing, you are supposed to feel full of Christmas cheer, you are supposed to be feeling Christmassy and ready to spend it socialising & going to parties, but what if you aren’t? There is no quick fix for the christmas blues but you know what will always make you feel a little better? A bath! And there is nothing better than a Lush Christmassy Bath.

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