My top picks from the latest Abandon Ship Apparel release

There are few things that make me as happy as a new release from Abandon Ship Apparel. The brand always fire out strong forward thinking designs and this drop is no different, I have pulled together my top 10, divided into two outfit grids and a board. 

The first outfit is basically to showcase the new Tattoo Flash Skater Skirt. All the profits from the skirt go to the Charity Social Bite, which provides meals for the homeless, check it out it’s a pretty ingenious scheme! The tshirt is called idle hands and it just reminds me of the emoji and I love it! 

The second outfit is pretty much going to be my go to for NY comicon, hand of god 2 tshirt with sayagata shorts (which can be worn on the hip or high waisted, like two shorts for the price of one!) and the team logo beanie.

In my opinion the sin eater tshirt and the polka dot tshirt look best worn oversized, the lights tee looks awesome as a short dress! As much as I hate to say it, winter is coming, and jumpers and hoods will be more than necessary, the zig zag is super simple and the wheel hood pretty much goes with everything.  

Top Outfit 
Aero Beanie £15
Idle Hands Tshirt £25
Charity Tattoo flash Skater Skirt £35

Bottom Outfit:
Team Logo Beanie £15
Hand of God 2 Tshirt £25
Sayagata Shorts £30

At sea Tshirt £25
Lights Tshirt £30
Zig Zag Tshirt £45
Wheel Zip £50

What do you guys think of the new release? 

Abandon Ship Apparel – Sneak peek of the girls collection!

Words cannot begin to explain how excited I am about the new girls collection from Abandon Ship Apparel

There are few streetwear brands that have the same cult following as ASA, their iconic designs have come along way in the past three years and with their already massive girls following the new collection is sure to be a hit. The collection was shot in Lupe Pintos and Chicken Cottage, if a supermarket is ok for Chanel then a Mexican Deli is perfect for Abandon Ship! Below are my two favourite images from the shoot, 
you can see the whole lookbook here.

And my top 5 items from the new collection…
Tattoo flash crop £28, Script Shorts £28
Mandala Body Con Dress £48
Wheel Raglan £30, Reiver Pencil Skirt £35
In addition to an amazing collection Abandon Ship are having TWO launch parties! One in their London Store on Friday the 4th (that’s tomorrow people!) and one on Tuesday the 8th in their Glasgow store. At both stores there will be Gin supplied bLondon No.3 Gin, sweet treats, nail art (by DIY nails and Nancy Mc) and some goodybags….which are so awesome there is only a limited number so get there early so you don’t miss out! 

So will I see you in London or Glasgow?

Do you have a favourite from the new collection?

Pink Slime

Tomorrow marks the launch of Abandon Ship Apparel‘s pink slimer birthday tshirt, for their third Birthday surprisingly enough! Looking back through previous products you can see how far the brand has come, and you can understand why they have a loyal and ever growing customer base. In my opinion this is one of the best designs they’ve ever done, pink slime?…clearly a winner! When I got asked to style it I jumped at the chance, plus it meant that I got a tshirt before the release 🙂 

All I can think of when I look at it is Ghost Busters…

Surprisingly the tshirt is really easy to style, wearing it with highwaisted jeans and a shirt underneath gives a little rockabilly nod. A casual coat and creepers make this a perfect day outfit. The detail on the tshirt is spectacular and the contrast with a white collar just makes it stand out more. I would also recommend popping some victory rolls in, because well you can’t go wrong with a wee vintage hairdo!  
Jacket – sample sale
Shirt – H&M
Belt – Vinage
Jeans – River Island
Bag – Next
Creepers – Underground England

 There’s something cleansing about wearing white, even just a little mixed into an outfit can lift the whole look. The colour pop boots lift the blue in the tshirt and the leopard jacket creates a nice contrast of colour.
Boots – AX Paris
Bag – Zara
Jacket – Pull & Bear

Lately I’ve been loving clashing prints, a check jumpsuit over the slime tshirt just seemed like the most subtle choice…for good measure I thew in a geographic bag from Lunaamani. Whenever I wear a jumpsuit I pretty much turn into a big kid, the combination of this, my docs and the tshirt print make me just want to go outside and stomp about. 
Jacket – Urban Outfitters
Fur collar – Vintage
Jumpsuit – Red or Dead
Boots – Dr Martens 
Bag – Lunaamani

The Birthday Tshirt will launch tomorrow at 5pm in their Glasgow store and 6pm online. Last year their Birthday Tshirt sold out in just three hours! There will also be awesome goodybags for the first 10 customers to spend over 100 online and in store.

There is also a little in store party tomorrow night, all details here.

Abandon Ship Apparel – POP UP

A Glasgow pop up store has been long over due from the boys at Abandon Ship Apparel, and after months of looking for the ‘right’ property an industrial style unit became available in the Iconic Princes Square. The store reflects the brands ethos perfectly.  The lifestyle section is where you could loose yourself for an hour or two sitting on the couch chatting whilst your other half shops or having a go on the vintage arcade game and get pretty angry when pac man doesnt do what hes supposed to! 
The visuals of the store are very clean and the taxidermy and paintings add a lice homely feel to the space. 

The Launch party was a chance to showcase some new designs, treat our customers and generally have a bit of fun…which we love doing!

Hope to see you all at the next one <3