Why it’s never been more important to know your history.

July 12, 2016


There is nothing better than finding the sunshine on your doorstep.

I have always believed that sunshine transforms a city. There is nothing more beautiful than Glasgow drenched in sunshine, reflecting off of our magnificent architecture or transforming the river Clyde into a boardwalk full of picnics, runners and people soaking up the sun.

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I have always had a soft spot for the Clyde, when I was little my Papa used to take me down to the shipyards in Govan and tell me all about his life in the navy, what it was like to captain one of those massive ships. I loved the stories he told me, and as a child it made me realise the importance of industry and how important it is to know your history.

The Shipyards in Glasgow are world renowned and have spawned more than one legend, Billy Connolly worked there when he left school, and the Iconic Jimmy Reid worked and fought for workers rights there. His inauguration speech as rector of Glasgow University still holds truth today and since it’s been compared to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address (by the New York Times). I’d say it’s a must read, especially for those curious of Glasgow’s working-class history. You can find Jimmy Reid’s speech printed in full on the Independent website.

So if you are taking a stroll down the Clyde, or anywhere else in Glasgow, please take a minute to learn some of the history of the city you are in. Glasgow has always been steeped in industry and politics, and now more than ever we need to remember the power of community. With the recent upheaval in the UK, we need to remember why Glasgow is such a diverse and amazing city, it’s because of the people in it. The people from all walks of life, from Govan to India or wherever they are from, People make Glasgow, and we need to keep it that way.

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