Why It’s Important to have Influencer Friends

January 7, 2019

‘Influencer’. God, I hate that word. But if you are a blogger or a freelancer, it’s so important to have people around you who do the same or a similar, job to you.

This might (or might not) come as a shock to you, but freelancing can be quite lonely.

Going from an office environment to working alone human interaction was the one thing I missed the most. And, more importantly, having people to bounce ideas off of. That’s why networking at events is so important. You never know who you’ll be chatting to, I’ve gained so much work from just being open at events and more importantly, I’ve gained people I think of as friends and colleagues.

As an introvert, this is something I struggle with massively. Talking to people you don’t know at industry events can induce a panic of ‘I don’t belong’. I’ve spoken about imposter syndrome before and how to deal with it, but it never really goes away. Which is why having people around you that you can understand the specific pressures of your job is really important. Yes, meeting people in any industry is difficult but there can be a very cliquey aspect of blogging, which can make reaching out seem quite daunting. But trust me when I say it’s so worth it.

Social media may be part of our jobs, but it’s also an amazing way to meet people in the same industry as you. I’ve found friends through Twitter and Instagram, some I’ve met IRL and gone onto be good friends with, some I’ve not met yet but, we still speak about /lifework on a regular basis. To congratulate each other on the wins and talk through the more difficult aspects. Not to mention helping you when you need a campaign shot!

Top Image – Hayley, Rachel, Sheri.

Second Image – Sheri, John

Thanks to the Edinburgh Grand for a lovely evening & gorgeous venue. If you are looking for somewhere extra special to stay in Edinburgh then look no further!

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    This is definitely true! It is important to have people in your life who understand what you do

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