How To Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out

March 26, 2019

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Since Instagram stories launched it has been a peek behind the perfectly curated grid. But how do you make your Instagram stories stand out? This has been updated to include some new apps I’ve been loving!

I’m addicted to Instagram stories, not only do I get to see bts of my favourite bloggers, I also get to see new collections from my favourite brands, and generally get a peek into peoples daily lives. But how do you make sure people want to come back and see your stories? Well for me it’s all about honesty, I want to see your rants, what you are cooking, where you are travelling and what you’ve been buying. I also love instagram stories that are a little bit different. I’ve been playing with different apps on my stories to give them a little bit of an edge, and I was inspired by Wish Wish Wish & Stylonylon to share my faourite apps.

I’ve rounded up the apps that will help your Instagram stories stand out. Not only that, I hope they’ll help your photo editing in general. I’d love to hear which ones you download, tag me in any stories you create!

free apps for editing videos the best apps for editing instagram stories

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how to edit instagram stories How to make your instagram stories stand out


Glitche turns your images into gif’s using filters. My favourites have to be the glitch & LCD. This takes a bit of fiddling about but that fact you can layer images and the number of filters makes it totally worth it.

Hype Type adds animated text your images, there are loads to choose from and you can change colours to make it match any image, you can change the duration of the text too.

In Shot creates a box around your image/video and you can change the background on them. You can also add music, play around with the speed of images AND flip or rotate your videos.

Photofox lets you layer your images, it also fades and blends so you can create insanely beautiful images. It also has effects like light leaks and filters to play around with.

Recently A colour Story expanded and now they let you pop their beautiful filters over videos! This also applies to the tools section where you can easily brighten and adjust your videos.

Vont lets you add different text to videos, you can change the size/colour/shape and there are plenty of cute fonts to choose from.

Lumyer is much easier to use than photoshop and their animated filters can be used on images too. The pollen filter creates a cute grain/snow effect and it’s the one I’ve been using the most!

Photogrid is great for photo collages and scrapbook style layouts. The twinkle function has some interesting artwork inspired filters and the pattern filter lets you cut out and change backgrounds.

Crop Video does what it says on the tin! Allows you to crop videos to fit into stories and trim them to size. Perfect for when you have a video you need to edit down to fit into an Instagram story.

Unfold is the app that creates borders for your images. They have a pretty big range and release new packages pretty often so it keeps your stories looking cute. Loads of bloggers use this.

Videoleap lets you edit videos to a pretty high standard. Obviously, it’s not going to be youtube quality but it’s perfect for stories and IGTV. I use it for all my GRWM posts.

Vintage 8mm is exactly what it says on the tin! Record in this app to turn all your videos into retro dreams.

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    I wondered how people were making those fancy little videos for stories, cheers for these

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