Five Sustainable fashion brands you need to know about.

May 13, 2020

sustainable fashion brands

Sustainability seems to be at the forefront of everyone’s minds so I decided it would be a good time to share some sustainable fashion brands that I think you’ll love!

From indie brands creating everything in house (sometimes it’s literally in their house) to bigger brands changing the way we think about fashion, here are some sustainable fashion brands that need to be on your radar.

five Sustainable fashion brands you need to know about

Olivia Rose 

sustainable fashion

You may recognise Olivias work from my trip to Austin but if not let me introduce you. Olivia makes the most beautiful clothing from her Edinburgh flat from deadstock and locally sourced fabrics. Not only does she hand make every single item, she also offers made to measure on everything so it’s completely size-inclusive. The current collection will be available on the 17th of May and yes that is my best girl Sheri modelling the Ophelia top from the new collection!

Mary Benson London

sustainable fashion

Originally I found Mary on instagram after I spotted a pink dress covered in stars and moons adorning someone I follow. I have no idea who that person was (sorry) but the first thing I did after seeing it was follow Mary! All of the clothing is made in London & the fabrics are deadstock so everything is limited edition. Not only that but Mary upcycles vintage & second hand with her prints giving them a new lease of life. The first thing I bought from Mary was an upcycled vintage dress. If you are looking for something extra special then look no further.

Lucy and Yak

sustainable fashion

Did anyone order an organic boilersuit with a fully traceable production line and workers paid the living wage? Well Lucky and Yak have delivered just that. Sure they offer way more than just boilersuits but it’s 100% their hero product! I worked with Lucy and Yak on an Instagram campaign a couple of years ago and their boilersuit in on heavy rotation in my wardrobe.

Girlfriend Collective

sustainable fashion brands

“sweatpants are all that fit me right now”

I know what you’re thinking, and yes, Girlfriend are technically an activewear brand. BUT, we are spending so much more time at home during this pandemic that it seemed insane to not include them. Especially since I basically live in leggings when I’m working from home. Girlfriend uses a high % of recycled bottles in each garment and all of their lite leggings are made from recycled fishing nets! They also sell a microfibre filter that you can attach to your machine to ensure no microplastics make their way back to our oceans, pretty cool right?

ILK + Ernie

sustainable fashion

It’s amazing how many amazing fashion brands you just stumble upon on Instagram! As soon as I saw IKL & Earnie I fell in love with their ethos, not to mention their designs are DREAMY. All of their fabric is surplus or deadstock and all of their garments are produced in Dheli in an internationally renowned ethical factory!

You can click here to learn more about who made their clothes. They have just released their ‘self care’ collection and it’s full of perfect summer wardrobe staples like the jumpsuit above, they also have a cheeky wee sale on if you are looking to grab a bargain.

sustainable fashion brands

An honorable mention has to go out to Shop Treen and Kool and Konscious sometimes finding new brands is hard so I always make sure to check what brands both sites have in. Two eco-conscious online stores stocking indie brands from across the globe! Check them out if you are after some more amazing sustainable brands to shop.

If there are any sustainable fashion brands you think I would love and NEED to know about that aren’t on this mini list then leave a comment or tag me on Instagram.

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