Five good things – An exercise in positivity

April 3, 2016

Five good things

Sometimes you need to find a balance.

Some days/weeks/months just feel like they are never going to end, and the rule that bad things come in three’s seems to have forgotten itself and multiplied into a shit storm.

Being positive is hard when everything seems to be going wrong. I struggle with positivity on a regular basis so when things are bad it’s even more of a struggle to remind myself of the good things. There is one practice I’ve found that helps. I don’t do it every day, only on the particularly bad ones. I write down 5 good things in my life, maybe it’s that the sun was shining when I walked the dogs, or that I got to have a night off with my husband, or that I got my eyeliner perfect first try, no matter how small it is I write it down, because thinking of those little things helps make me feel better.

So today your regularly scheduled posting is interrupted with me sharing my 5 good things that are helping to brighten my mood. I hope this encourages you to do the same and if you feel like sharing then just leave a comment below.


I went for an amazing body polish & relaxing massage at James Dunn House in Glasgow.

I got to spend tonnes of time with my best girl Debs before she flew back to Australia.

Rich bought me a huge bouquet of flowers before he went to England to work for the weekend.

I got a new bath bomb from Lush so I’m going to have a long bath tonight.

My girl Silvia from Chouchou is home and I got to see her & the hood she made for me yesterday.

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  • Reply Lynz January 28, 2017 at 12:17 am

    It’s so important to pick out the good things in life, and to be kind to yourself, so thank you for this post. I had a massive crash in my anxiety since the turn of the year, with very physical symptoms, and I’m only just starting to turn the corner today. Positivity rules 🙂

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