Engagement shoot – do or don’t

February 19, 2016
 There is nothing worse than adding extra stress into planning a wedding, so why do an engagement shoot at all?

Engagement shoot – do or don’t 

Engagement shoots can go terribly wrong, we’ve all seen those buzzfeed articles, awkward poses, loads of lying down staring dreamily into each others eyes , usually in a studio or on a beach…I mean how many times do you lie down with your other half and just stare at them?!  But when they are done right they are not only be an excuse to get some extra photos of you and your significant other they are also an opportunity to work with your wedding photographer before your big day, get experience in front of a camera (if you don’t have any) and finalise what you want your wedding photos to look like.
My top tips for a fun engagement shoot.

  • It may sound obvious….but be yourself! Pick somewhere that means something to the both of you, it can be a street, a cinema, a shop…anywhere! We Picked the Necropolis in Glasgow as we used to walk through there on the way to work, and get distracted by how beautiful it is…and finding the oldest tombstone, it may be a little morbid but it’s very ‘us’ and thats all that matters!
  •  It can be hard posing in front of camera so ask your photographer for lots of direction, they will know what looks good and what doesn’t.
  • Wear clothes you feel comfortable in but that still represent you. You want these photos to be timeless just like your wedding photos so try to wear something that you love but is classic, not something you will look back at in a few years and cringe at.
  • Use these to make sure your photographer knows what direction you want for your wedding photos, think of it as a trial run for your photographer too.
  • Last but not least…HAVE FUN! These may be the photos you show your parents/friends but they are also an opportunity to have a little fun with your other half.
Photography by Martin D Barker 

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