Christmas traditions & why we need to keep them alive 

December 20, 2015

Christmas traditions

For me Christmas has never been about the presents. When I was younger my family weren’t that well off and whilst I still got spoiled rotten (it helps being the only child) my extended family would always descend on Christmas and that’s what made it magical for me. As I’ve gotten older I’ve realised that memories are what you treasure, not things, so I’ve tried to make Christmas as magical and memorable as possible!

We only have a few Christmas traditions but when they merge with your friends it’s just perfect and ever lasting memories are created. So Instead of bankrupting ourselves it’s important to focus on the things that matter most!

It all starts on Christmas Eve when I go for day time drinks with my girls then drinks in the evening with my oldest friends, we swap small gifts, eat food, drink too much and stay out till midnight as that’s when half of them used to go to mass so it’s just stuck as the time we go home! It makes for a merry start to the festivities and I’ve learned from many a hungover Christmas morning to take it easy!

Christmas morning is spent with my other half, we open presents listening to Christmas songs, I then have a bath with the sparkliest lush bath bomb (or two) and then take the dogs for a frosty walk with some friends and their dogs. When we are home we all snuggle up with tea and hot chocolate to watch it’s a wonderful life. I always cry.

For me Christmas is when you wear something you love, that new dress, your favourite heels, those trousers you always want to wear but never do, I tried Christmas in our pjs once but I just didn’t feel fancy enough! So get your glad rags on guys, it’s Christmas after all! Rich is the cook, so whilst he’s prepping everything I drive to pick everyone up, this is usually my mum and a bunch of friends, because what are friends if not family? We come back, exchange little gifts, have some fizz to toast those no longer with us and then we get right into the canapés & Christmas movies.

Dinner is pretty standard, lots of laughs and too much food! Then the rest of the party arrives and we carry on until the wee hours, usually finishing with some dancing around the house!

Boxing Day is not spent outdoors, it’s spent snuggled up on the sofa, a roaring fire with Christmas movies and your best girls….with some online sale shopping thrown in for good measure. So in a nutshell; drinks, little presents, baths, movies, dressing up, family, dancing, drinks and leftovers…my perfect Christmas recipie!

What are your Christmas traditions?

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