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10 female tattooists to obsess over

March 29, 2016


I’m not heavily tattooed by anyone’s standards, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a good artist when I see one.

After heading to the Scottish Tattoo Convention last weekend I decided to share the female tattooists I love. As a girl I like being tattooed by other girls, not because I hate male tattooists but because they are creating a career in a very male-dominated industry and I want to support them, commend them and more importantly break this stigma that girls who get tattooed are ugly/whores/bad eggs, because unfortunately it still exists.

I’ve been asked why I would disfigure myself, told that I’ll never get a real job, or a husband and had parents tell their little girls they don’t want to be ‘that girl’ when they grow up, which as we know is all completely ridiculous and as I’m not heavily tattooed I’ve been stunned at these responses from people, mostly complete strangers. I’ve also seen my heavily tattooed girlfriends be grabbed, spat at, shouted at and generally harassed for having art on their bodies, have I had it happen with my male friends? Not that I can think of. Not one single time.

My Body = My choice.

All hail the female tattooists.

Tiny Miss Becca is based in Essex UK and has been one of my favourite tattooists for years, I love her animal tattoos and love of tattooing peoples pets as ice cream cones.

Sophia Baughan is based in Sydney and her tattoos remind me of the illustrations in a book I had about mice when I was a kid, I love the toned down colours and focus she has on nature.

Flo Nuttall is based in Rome and has one of the most amazing tattooing styles. I love her references to eastern cultures and her black and grey tones are perfect.

Amanda Wachob‘s tattoo’s are insane, she takes watercolour tattoos to a whole new level of awesome! Based in NYC her non traditional style has gained her international acclaim.

Kelly Violence is based in London, her tattoos are dark, brooding and perfect. I love the way she plays with shadow, her flowers are beautiful but her animals have to be my favourite.

Rebecca Vincent is based in London and has beautiful tattooing style, her botanical flowers are to die for as well as her stunning insect tattoos, I got a little bee tattoo at the weekend!

Wolfspit makes totally badass tattoos, based in Leeds she creates sassy girls, cats, dogs and pretty much anything you can think of with a little bit of twisted love thrown in.

Sam Whitehead is the girl to go to if you want something cute. Based in Leeds she’s got a very cartoon-like style, think pastels, kittens, milk bottles and hearts.

Rachel Baldwin is adorable inside and out. Based in Liverpool she tattoos everything with an adorable twist that instantly makes me think of a mash-up of Disney and anime.

Rizza Boo is the girl for you if you want bright colours and space cats. Based in Glasgow her tattoo style is bold, colourful and playful.

Main Artwork by the amazing Sugar Bone


  • Reply Ashleigh March 29, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    Loved this post!! I’ve had people ask me what I’ll do on my wedding day aka cover my tattoos or not? It’s crazy people think we willt cover ourselves up because maybe we don’t portray the ideal feminine look!!

  • Reply Cara March 29, 2016 at 8:25 pm

    Oooooh I love all of these, I’d only heard of Tiny Miss Becca though! I think Sam Whitehead’s style is my favourite on this list though, so up my street xx

  • Reply Katie March 29, 2016 at 9:37 pm

    I am fairly heavily tattooed… The amount of unwanted attention my tattoos have brought me is unreal. Sure, it’s easy to say “it was your choice to have them”, but that’s not the point. I’ve been told I look like a thug, can’t possibly be happy in my body, would be much prettier without tattoos… It goes on. I love my tattoos and the more I get, the more I love my body and become comfortable in my own skin – I know many other women who feel the same!

    – Katie

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