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Vegan Friendly places in Leeds

April 1, 2018

One of my favourite things about travelling is eating out. Whether it’s visiting a new country or a new city, I love finding new places to fall in love with.

Since going Vegan I’ve put a little more effort into researching places to eat when we travel. It’s paid off as we have found some of our all-time favourite restaurants and cafes recently and our trip to Leeds was no exception. I’ve picked out my favourite Vegan Friendly places in Leeds.

Vegan Friendly places in Leeds – Food

Temple coffee Bar

Temple Coffee was started by the founders of Red Temple Prayer, one of my favourite brands. The Coffee bar is about a 5-minute drive out of the city centre but it’s well worth the trip. The majority of the doughnuts are vegan and they are about to start serving vegan ice cream! You can also get black & pink lattes, perfect for photo ops!


Tucked down a side street in the city centre is Bundobust, this all veggie place is amazing. The resturant is really informal with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. The Bhel Puri & Tarka Dhal are must-haves, I’d honestly go back to Leeds just to go here!

Chida cantina

This all-vegan cantina should definitely be at the top of your hit list. Situated in the Northern Quarter it is the bar is busy and the small plates are perfect for sharing with friends. I loved the guacamole and the jackfruit tacos, I would have loved to try the Queso Fundido with cashew cheese but they’d run out when we arrived, if you ever try it I would love your verdict.

Trinity Kitchen

I would never expect to go into a food court and actually want to eat there, but Trinity Kitchen isn’t a normal food court! A mish-mash of street foods from all around the world it’s the perfect place to go with friends if you can’t decide where to eat. I loved Rola Wala, the naan bread is vegan so I took full advantage!

Little Tokyo

This place is adorable, they even have a koi carp pond with a little bridge! There are plenty of Vegan options so you won’t leave hungry that’s for sure. The vegetable maki is lovely and the tempura avocado is a must have to share. The edamame even comes in a cocktail glass!


Vegan Friendly places in Leeds – Drinks

The Botanist

This place serves the most amazing cocktails, I ordered the Raspberry Disarono sour and it arrived billowing smoke from a plant pot! Definitely somewhere to go on a date or with your bff.


Tucked up a tiny staircase this bar was definitely my favourite. The staff are lovely and the cocktails are delightful! They use aquafaba to replace egg white and they use plant-based milk in their cocktails. Let’s just say being able to order a white russian and not have to ask to have the milk changed was pretty nice.

Blind Tyger

Right above Chida Cantina this small cocktail bar is perfect if you are looking for somewhere more intimate. Not only is the menu visually stunning with beautiful artwork, the cocktails are also incredible.

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