Healthy Nutella Recipe

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Healthy Nutella?! I must admit I was also skeptical, but I have been officially won over by the amazing Elsas Wholesome Life.

Elsas blog is choc full of amazing & super healthy recipes, but obviously I had to try the date no-tella first as I love nutella but have been struggling to find a milk free alternative.

I’m not vegan btw, just veggie whose trying to cut down on her dairy and up her veggie intake, and what better way to do that than replace all my vices with something healthier?


So lets start with ingredients, I kind of changed up Elsas recipe a little but if you want the un adulterated version please visit her blog.


250g of Hazelnuts

8 Medjool dates

3/4 can of coconut milk

4 tbsp of raw cacao

Pinch of salt

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First off pre heat your oven to 250 degrees and put the hazelnuts in a roasting tray, cook for 10 minutes, take out & allow to cool a little before moving them to a bowl. Now this is the annoying part…you need to rub off as much of the skin as possible, it makes the spread smoother, I did this by having two bowls (the oven dish is so hot it will continue to roast the hazelnuts so you need to take them out to avoid burning) and transferring a little at a time to the empty bowl whilst rubbing off as much of the skin as possible onto a bit of kitchen roll. This is tedious but the skin should come off really easily due to the roasting.

Next add the cooled hazelnuts with half of the coconut milk to a high powered blender, you will break the blender if it’s not strong enough so make sure you use vitamix or something similar. Blend to a paste then add the rest of the ingredients and blend baby blend!

And that’s it! Pop it in a jar in the fridge and you have healthy nutella for three weeks…or as long as you can keep it for!


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