Cup Glasgow – The perfect cuppa?


Welcome to the land of the home made potato scone & perfectly brewed cups of tea.

Cup is nestled in Virgina Lane, covered in pots of ivy & exposed lighting it’s a hidden delight. Brunch is served all day & it boasts the most extensive tea menu I’ve seen outside of Chai Ovna. I love a good cup of tea, but I’m fussy (newsflash), I like almond milk with my tea, I like it to come too hot to drink and I like spicy & sweet chai…luckily Cup caters for all of the annoying tea habits. I have been to Cup maybe 5 times in the past two months and for someone who only goes into town for meetings or events that is quite a feat. Any time anyone mentions brunch it’s where I suggest, and no one has complained about my choice yet!

cupglasgow12 cupglasgow

The Vegetarian Breakfast is amazing, it comes with home made potato scone (it’s so much better than store bought trust me), mushrooms, halloumi, bread, grilled tomatoes and veggie sausage. It’s also supposed to come with eggs & beans but I’m not into beans contaminating my breakfast so I always get it without. I’ve been told that the eggs Benedict with black pudding is out of this world. Now the tea is definitely the main event, it even has it’s own menu! Every tea comes with it’s own timer so it is brewed to perfection, you can’t really ask for much more can you! I thoroughly recommend a trip to if you are in Glasgow.

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