An Easy Vegan Christmas

December 23, 2019

Easy Vegan Christmas

Whether it’s your first Christmas as a vegan or you have some vegan guests OR you are just looking for some inspiration for Christmas Day, I’ve included some of my favourite vegan recipes and snacks to make this Christmas day as easy and hassle-free as possible.

It might seem from my blog that I rarely do any actual cooking! And it is true I love finding & sharing new vegan places to eat at home and abroad, but I also love experimenting with vegan cooking. Some meals are simple, and some are, well not so simple. But I am of the firm belief that Christmas day should not be stressful! So below you will find easy ways to make Christmas that little bit more vegan-friendly.

An easy vegan Christmas


Sourdough & herby mushrooms are a really easy way to kick off breakfast & set you up for the day. Not to mention tasty. There are loads of recipes online but mine will be live tomorrow it’s quick, easy and tastes amazing! Even if I do say so myself.

If you usually start with smoked salmon & pastries I can recommend Carrot Lox (I swap the sea kelp for some dried seaweed that you can get in the world food aisle) served with violife cream cheese. For the pastries, Just Roll make vegan cinnamon rolls in a can. All you do is slice and bake! So fast and delicious.


Mince pies – You can’t really go wrong with mince pies! Go all out with rum-soaked mince pies made in the UK or grab some from the plant kitchen range at M&S.

Panettone – I have literally searched for years for a vegan Panettone & I finally got my hands on one! I bought it at Locavore but you can grab it online here.

Chocolate – There are so many for you to pick from. My favourites include Vego, iChoc white nougat, Caramel Enjoy, Raw Halo & if you are feeling extra fancy then Booja Booja make amazing truffles. If, like me, you miss chocolate orange at Christmas Sainsburys have dark chocolate orange bites!

Fruit – It may seem obvious but having some fruit in the house will help any snacking vegans!

Nuts – Nut Shack make amazing flavoured nuts, the bacon ones are so good.

Crisps – It may not seem it but crisps can be a little nightmare as a lot of them contain milk powder, even for flavours that you wouldn’t expect! So be careful and check ingredients.

Biscuits – Hobnobs are vegan, so are light digestives (normal ones have milk powder), ikea ginger biscuits, biscoff (they also have a spread that’s incredible), ginger nuts, oreos & party rings! Plenty to pick from.

Misc Snacks – Aldi have a wee Christmas range and the most exciting thing has to be their Christmas Wreath! Perfect for snacking or a starter. Popcorn may not seem like a good Christmas snack but chocolate caramel popcorn is perfect at any time!


I have one word. Stuffing. It is hands down the best part of Christmas dinner. Sage & onion is my favourite. But unless you want a plate of stuffing for dinner (I wouldn’t say no) here are some easy alternatives for Christmas staples.

Gravy – Homemade veg gravy is simple to make but marks and spencer plant kitchen do a really lovely version.

Brussel Sprouts – Roast with salt, pepper, garlic & rosemary for crispy delicious sprouts!

Roast potatoes – As is but just replace the goose fat with sunflower oil. Season with salt, pepper & rosemary sprigs. Marks and spencer just released vegan dauphinoise potatoes too!

Honey mustard parsnips – replace the honey with maple syrup. Easy Peasy.

Pigs in blankets – Sainsbury’s, Linda McCartney & Waitrose all do vegan cocktail sausages. Holland and Barrett and Sainsburys sell actual vegan pigs in blankets too.

Butter – replace with pure sunflower spread or flora vegan. Both are the best tasting ones I have found.

Meat alt – loads of places do a nut roast, you can make your own or you can grab a pre-made one. Waitrose, M&S and Sainsburys all have their own versions.


There are vegan bakeries everywhere. You can easily order the cake of your choice from a local bakery and if you are a baker then there are a lot of recipes online. Ogg have a really tasty lemon cake, tesco have a vegan chocolate cake and GU make lovely mini cheesecakes! Or you go old school and get a vegan raspberry jelly from Marks and Spencer’s and serve with ice-cream! Vegan ice cream favs have to be the M&S caramel dessert, Ben n Jerrys and Booja Booja. You can also grab vegan whipped cream, single cream and custard to serve too.


You may not think that you would have to check your favourite tipple for animal ingredients but some beer, wine & even spirits use animal products in their manufacturing process. So here is a little list of my favourite vegan alcohol, because no one wants fish bladder or gelatin in their glass.

Fizz – Veuve Clicquot is (thankfully) vegan, M&S, tesco & Morrisons procecco is vegan too.

Beer – Brew Dog beers are all vegan, making beer shopping easy peasy!

Wine – I love a riesling, but beyond that, I’m not great at recommending wine. Luckily I found this article with a load of suggestions and if you are tight on budget or have loads to buy for then Aldi have an amazing wine selection!

Cocktails – Luckily most spirits are vegan! When making cocktails replace egg white with aquafaba and honey with maple syrup and you’ll be able to make most cocktails suitable for the vegans in your life. You can also get some amazing vegan liqueur to make cocktail hour that little bit easier!

Nightcap – I never liked baileys, until the almond version! Baileys Almond is the perfect nightcap. Or grab a whiskey and settle down for the night.

I hope this little list makes for an easy Vegan Christmas, whether it’s your first, or your 40th!

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