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March 14, 2019


I’m writing this curled up on my sofa whilst storm Gareth blows an absolute gale outside.

So that seems like the most appropriate time to go through photos from Austin and try and not run back to the sun doesn’t it? I didn’t expect to love Austin so much, apart from the constant building work going on at the moment, it’s a city that will steal your heart and seriously affect your bank balance if you let it!

Our first day I had to survive without a suitcase (thanks delta) and whilst that may not seem like such a big deal, spending a day without skincare and wearing a bikini for pants wasn’t all that fun! The weather in Austin in February is a little tricky, some days it was 23 degrees, some it was 8. A bit like Scotland in June really! Along with all outfit details, I’ve also added locations, in case you’re off too Austin anytime soon.

*Images taken at Bumble H/O

Oh this dress! I found it at a flea market in Amsterdam, and even though I thought it was a jumpsuit at first and now I’m like 90% sure it’s actually a 1970’s dressing gown, I’m still obsessed with it. I originally bought this for Oh Hello Vintage, but there was no way in hell I was selling a dress this perfect, sorry!

Pretty much every outfit I wore was paired with these Cowboy boots, I mean when in Texas right? They are also another Amsterdam vintage find but there are so many places to buy cowboy boots in Austin you won’t leave without the pair of your dreams. The hat and belt are both from Asos and unfortunately sold out (they are over a year old). But you can grab the yellow earrings from Elizabeth Whibley

*Images taken at Austin Motel

Before going on any trip I like to plan what I’m packing. That includes writing down specific outfits from head to toe. Not just because I want to look cute, mainly it’s that I hate packing. With a passion. It stresses me out so much and the more I do it, the worse I seem to become at it! Which is why I plan! I digress though, I’ll save all my packing related rants for another day. Because we need to talk about this dress.

If you haven’t heard of Olivia Rose then you are in for a treat. Every item is handmade by Olivia in her studio in Edinburgh. All items are made to order, meaning you can get ANY size you want AND all fabrics are sourced from the UK. This dress is from her SS19 collection and will be online to buy very soon. I love the retro shape and the fabric is a beautiful jacquard rose, perfect for summer. My skinny scarf is from Karen Mabon and my sunglasses are from Asos. Worn with cowboy boots!

*Images shot at Austin Motel

Obviously I had to go h2t pink for one outfit! Well, apart from the boots but we’ve talked about how essential they are. I should also mention that I only packed two pairs of boots for Austin. What can I say? My theme was cowboy and I was sticking to it. When I spied this Lazy Oaf dress on ASOS I knew I had to have it. Luckily for me it was also in the January sales and I think I managed to bag the last in my size. Clearly the universe knew I had to have it.

There is a little sweet shop on South Congress that sells every kind of candy you can imagine, it also has the biggest array of bubblegum I’ve ever seen! So obvs I wanted to incorporate it into one of my outfits. But I learned some bubblegum facts along the way. Bubbles are hard to blow really big, basically, you need to chew for aaaaages. Be prepared for it to mess up your lipstick (even KVD) and get it stuck to your face, get in your hair, and generally be a pain in the ass. Watch out for that massive sugar rush! I don’t eat a lot of sweets and American sweets are a whole other level, it gave me insane hyper energy for the rest of the shoot and I definitely had a sugar crash, after only 2 bits. Worth it for the shot, probably won’t attempt bubblegum again thosunglassesunglasses are from ASOS & my hat is from Lack of Color.

*Images taken at Austin Motel

You can’t go to Texas and not wear a cowboy shirt right?

If you have been reading my blog for a while you’ll know that I’m low key obsessed with Silken Favours. Not only do they make amazing clothes, kimonos and cushions, they also make amazing wallpaper!

I can honestly say I’ve never loved a shirt more. If you combine cats, roses, tassles and pink it’s sure to be a winner in my book. I wore it with ripped jeans and my old Topshop western boots. The perfect outfit for taking a wander down South Congress. I can’t remember the last time I got so many compliments on an outfit, and it was 100% for the shirt. Even in Austin you would be hard pressed to find a more beautiful cowboy shirt, it also comes in mint btw, which is next on my wishlist! The boots are years old but they have similar on ASOS. The earrings are from Anne Tacky and the hat is Lack of Color.

*Images taken at Bumble H/O

It wouldn’t be fair to all the other outfits if I picked a favourite but I have. I mean, just look at it! If I wasn’t already married I would totally plan a Vegas wedding with this dress. Husband optional as I’ll probably just declare my undying love for the dress and start a cult where we worship it.

I came across Ana Ljubinkovic at LFW Fashion Scout years ago, and I’ve been obsessed ever since. I mean how can you not fall head over heels for this dress? IT HAS EVERYTHING! I’m pretty sure when my mum said that she meant it as an insult, but it’s what I love about it. The sleeves, the ruffles, the print, everything just screams, well it just screams! Probably not for the feint hearted but if you are looking for a dress to make a statement, you don’t have to look any further.

All Images were taken by Jana Cantua. If you are a blogger (hey girl!) and aren’t lucky enough to have a partner who also doubles as your photographer, I can’t recommend setting up a date with a photographer enough. Not only did I get great content, but it also made our trip way more fun because it took away the pressure of location scouting and the constant worry of ‘having to shoot’.

Would you book in with a photographer to get your content abroad?

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